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Never forget Soros's cockholster Steven Colbert works for the child trafficking industry called the Clinton Global Initiative


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https://archive.fo/YnEu5 :

Human Trafficking Is Still Globe's Fastest-Growing Crime Despite Increased Awareness | HuffPost

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Better to whore than starve. If everyone in the world had three squares, some would still sell it, and most would still buy it. You end trafficking by making whoring legal, and respecting whores. Take the morality out of it.

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if I ever have children I won't let them leave the house, so there's no chance of them getting kidnapped and trafficked

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shit, and a alpha dude like me can't even buy or a slave or a wench in america, have to like goto India or some other 3rd world shit hole to own servants

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The rebranding of the worlds oldest profession as human trafficking isn't enough to change human sexuality. Amazing.

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