We witnessed some some people stealing money from both; our company and the U.S. Government State and Federal Treasuries. We reported it to the cops, the regulators and the IG’s. The bad guys then began hunting us down and attacking us in reprisal "for the rest of our lives" per their threats. Their ongoing retribution vendettas and cover-ups now require more extreme counter-measures.

We did “the right thing”. We “followed procedures”. We went through the “proper channels” first. You have provided an excellent example of how the “rules” that you tell the public to engage in are worthless and should be ignored.

We have been reporting this to your office for nearly a decade and you have done nothing to provide us with our justice and everything to enact vendettas, reprisals, revenge and cover-ups.

All we have gotten from you is an amazing collection of form letters and generic finger-pointing “not our jurisdiction” types of excuses for not doing your jobs.

We have joined with the 300 million plus voters who also hate corruption to work together on resolving the issue of your utter failure to perform for us: THE TAXPAYERS!

Now we will use crowd-sourced CIA-Class investigation tactics to expose every prostitute, rent boy, tax evasion, mistress, expense fraud, bribe, revolving door payola, rigged contract, stock market insider trading scam, shell company, covert family trust, fraudulent invoice and other illicit deed of every person in your office.

You will be hunted like dogs using crowd-sourced massive global public participation and social media acceleration programs.

You can act, TODAY, to resolve our case, offset the damages you caused and fix this or you can suffer from the results of your downfall. We got the heads of the FBI, DOJ, DOE, FCC and other agencies fired for corruption. Your failure to act has left you with only one option: Pay Your Bills or feel the full wrath of the public in every election, every investigation and every public event for the rest of YOUR life!



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