- A demand for FBI arrests of these parties

By C.R.E.W.-1

The Palo Alto Mafia is an ad hoc organized crime group that violates RICO racketeering laws by engaging in dark money political corruption.

These mobsters use covert dark money schemes to direct elected officials to take public tax money and put that money in their pockets and the pockets of their campaign financier associates while using government resources to sabotage competitors. They pay the bribes to the political officials with stock market warrants, prostitutes, credit cards, real estate, mortgages, loans, revolving door jobs, contracts and other dark money.

Counter-measures against these criminals are aimed at making sure they are exposed, doxed, shamed and arrested! Private/public databases have been created to track and destroy all of their stock market holdings, Silicon Valley monoplies, off-shore spider holes, covert payola trusts, hidden shell corporations, sex trafficking clubs, emails, credit cards, stock accounts, covert real estate holdings, tax write-off profit fronts and other illicit assets.

They accrued money and power by creating mass hyper-scaled monopolies, mostly in new digital markets, by exploiting exclusive government financed exploitation provided by laws, grants and contracts that the politicians, that they owned, produced exclusively for them while locking out their competitors.

Although often exposed in such cases as the  "AngelGate Collusion Case", "The Silicon Valley No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit" and hundreds of other cases, their ownership of the senior executives at FBI, SEC, FTC, FEC, OSC, DOJ and other enforcement agencies has, so far, prevented their formal interdiction.

While using billions of dollars of PR agencies to promote a "crunchy-granola", we-are-saving-the-world, "goodie-two-shoes" image for each of themselves, behind the scenes they conspire, collude, sex traffic, bribe, spy, black-list, payola, media bias control, censor, abuse and use Democracy as their play-thing for their sociopath addictions to power and money.

They bankrupted old-school print media and replaced it with digital media which they control to promote only their profiteering ideology. They control almost all search engines and media servers to rig them to censor public information and mass manipulate social perspectives using the automated tactics exposed in documentaries like: "The Creepy Line" and 60 Minutes segments about "Information brokers".

They pay their bribes to their politicians and operatives using dark money relayed by corrupt law firms, lobbyists, media services and character assassination services like IN-Q-Tel; Gawker Media; Jalopnik; Gizmodo Media; K2 Intelligence  WikiStrat; Podesta Group; Fusion GPS; Google; YouTube; Alphabet; Facebook; Twitter; Think Progress; Media Matters; Definers; Black Cube; Roger Stone, Mossad; Correct The Record; Sand Line; Blackwater; Stratfor ; ShareBlue; Wikileaks; Cambridge Analytica; Sid Blumenthal; David Brock; Covington and Burling, Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini and hundreds of others…

There are over 150 sudden, unexpected, suspicious deaths associated with person's who were at odds with this organized crime group ranging from "suicides", strange accidents and clear murders.

The tremendous number of sex scandals this group has been involved in are related to their need to control others, a key character trait of the sociopath psychological profile demonstrated by the majority of them.

They instruct the HR staff of the companies they own to only hire naive young employees that will appear to follow their echo-chamber-optimized, highly controlled corporate ideology culture. Any who fall out of proper "group-think" are fired until they have culled a perfect clone army of indoctrinated followers to push their political and profiteering control goals.

A large number of them are homosexual, subscribe to the Jewish cultural social training and are deeply influenced by collegiate fraternity and sorority teachings about social roles and elitism.

They are known by a number of names including:

"The PayPal Mafia"
"The Silicon Valley Oligarchs"
"The Deep State"
"The Billionaire Frat Boy Club"
"The Bohemian Club"
"The KPCB Cosa Nostra"
"The Guardsmen Club"
"The Greylock Greys"
and other AKA's

This mob has so much cash from unjust gains, and hires so many out-of-control lobbyists and defamation services, that they have totally broken the Democratic process. Some of the controlling members, or mob bosses, that pay for and benefit from these corruption activities include:

Amy Pascal; (Sony Pictures Obama funding liaison, traded CIA secrets for Zero Dark Thirty script)

Arnold Schwarzenegger; (CA governor, actor, arranged Russian mob financing and Russian mining deals)

Barack Obama; (Acted as front man for Silicon Valley payola deals through White House)

Bill Daley; (Obama's Chicago mobster staff boss, ran payola ops in White House for Obama)

Bill Lockyer; (California finance boss with a sex scandal that gave taxpayer cash to crooked Solyndra and Tesla)

Brian Goncher; (Deloitte finance Cleantech scammer head, put togther Obama Cleantech payola deals)

Daniel Cohen; (Dept of Energy Lawyer who helped fudge the DOE Slush-Fund into place with Steven Chu)

David Axelrod; (Obama White House media hit-man)

David Drummond; (Top Google lawyer who had a few sex scandals at his Quail Road Home in Woodside, CA while running political bribes for Google)

David Plouffe; (Obama White House boss who arranged Silicon Valley payola and revolving door deals)

David E. Shaw; (Known as the Snake Of Silence)

Dianne Feinstein; (Covert owner of Tesla, Solyndra and other conflict-of-interests. called "The Most Corrupt Senator In U.S. History", deeply involved with Chinese spies and financiers)

Elon Musk; (Tech mobster bromance buddy of Larry Page at Google and Tim (crazy eyebrows) Draper, sex party partner with Steve Jurvetson and largest government Mooch in American history)

Eric Holder; (Obama's AG who ran all of the DOJ and FBI cover-ups of corruption for Obama)

Eric Schmidt; (Google boss with an "open marriage", a sex penthouse and a CIA office who loves to mess with governments around the world)

John Zaccarro, Jr.; (At top of GOP watch-list)

Frank Giustra; (Mining scheme financier of Hillary Clinton who suggested Russian deals)

Nick Denton; (Gay sex and media abuser who did nasty tabloids in Britain and USA as hired character assassination pro, ran media attacks as client for Podesta, Obama, DNC, Google and Elon Musk)

Harry Reid; (Dirty Senator who made crooked deals with Musk and Google, got punched in the eye for being a crook)

Haim Saban; (Overseas cash conduit to DNC)

Hillary and Bill Clinton; (Sex, dead bodies, Haitian prostitutes...can the world ever forget The Clinton's?)

Ira Ehrenpreis; (Silicon Valley frat boy bundler and DNC VC insider)

Andy Bechtolsheim; (Silicon Valley frat boy bundler and DNC VC insider)

Jay Carney; (Too many conflicts-of-interest to count, White House press boss, loved Russian tactics)

James Comey; (FBI Director who held off investigations on Obama's crimes)

Jared Cohen; (Google's Israeli agent in-house, playboy/spy/DNC operative; promoted coup attempts)

Jeffrey Katzenberg; (Hollywood Wensteiny DNC financier and pusher of politics into Hollywood films)

John Doerr; (Obama's Kleiner Perkins and Russian Connection VC sued for sex abuse and manipulation)

Harvey Weinstein; (Notorious Obama and Clinton financier and sexual predator)

Yasmin Green; (Google's director of Middle East Incursions, Jared Cohen's favorite hottie, extensive mouth-to-face ratio)

Jonathan Silver; (The Dept of Energy's VC who made sure that only Obama's campaign financiers got funded)

Ken Brody; (Insider for DNC operations)

Lachlan Seward; (The Dept of Energy's payola manager who made sure that only Obama's campaign financiers got funded)

Laurene Powell Jobs; (Steve Job's old squeeze or "beard wife" depending on who you ask, inherited his billions and now funds the DNC)

Judge Stewart M. Bernstein;  (NY Southern District Judge who is a Hillary Clinton sponsor protecting DNC corruption)

Larry Page; (Elon Musk's boy buddy at Google. Pages steals technology for Google and spends his billions rigging politics and buying insane frat boy toys and people)

Google, Alphabet, YouTube; (The commercial version of the rogue portions of the CIA)

Facebook; (The commercial version of the German Stazi)

In-Q-Tel; (The actual CIA..but without any of that annoying Congressional oversight. They are a 501 (c) charity yet they had 5 tons of cocaine on their airplanes. They now work for Elon Musk, Google and Facebook)

Amazon; (The Socialist version of the CIA)

Twitter; (A DNC spy and media manipulation tool to do spy stuff in 140 characters, or less)

PayPal; (A DNC run bank that cut's off anti-DNC people)

WordPress.Org; (A DNC operated ISP that cut's off anti-DNC people in violation of freedom-of-speech)

The Law Firm of Perkins Coi; (The Masters of Moving Money Mysteriously)

Mark Zuckerberg; (Goofy Facebook boss that does what Sandburg and Debbie Wasserman tells him to do and wants to be President of the World)

Martin LaGod; (Silicon Valley VC deep into lithium mining corruption)

Matt Rogers; (Silicon Valley McKinsey insider placed into Dept of Energy to run things for Silicon Valley VC's)

Marc Benioff; (DNC financier and party boy)

Michael Birch; (The man with the Magic Box)

Steve Kirsch; (Windfall billionaire with Infoseek sale, funds lithium ion battery mining deals)

Steven Spielberg; (Hollywood extremist DNC financier)

S. Donald Sussman; (A true man who "gets around the circuit")

Pierre Omidyar; (Gawker/Gizmodo hit-job financier, EBAY owner, partners with "Russian Businessmen")

Rahm Emanual; (The "Godfather" of corruption in the Obama White House and Chicago City Hall. Taught Obama how to Obaminate corruption)

Raj Gupta; (Arrested insider trading expert from crooked McKinsey who taught Silicon Valley how to scheme)

Ray Lane; (Charged with tax evasion on a massive scale, he and Kleiner Perkin's folks brought crime to the Valley)

Tom Perkins; (The VC with the biggest bribes - One of the first Godfathers of the tech mob)

Robert Rubin: (The insider that knows where the girls are)

Rob Friedman; (The insider that works all of the angles and shell corporation options)

Reid Hoffman; (Weight and morality challenged owner of Linked-In who finances dirty DNC deals and dating sites)

Richard Blum; (Dianne Feinstein's husband/boss, ran dirty Chinese deals and owns part of Solyndra and Tesla assets. His "interesting" trips to Mongolia and China still have the FBI scratching their heads)

Robert Gibbs; (Obama's crooked press office boss who quit the day after a certain package showed up on his desk)

Robert Shwarts; (The cash behind the blast)

Roger Altman; (The man who has his fingers in everything)

The Law Firm of Covington and Burling; (Deeply homosexual DNC insider law firm that brought you Obama, Eric Holder and the Immigration crisis)

Sanford Robertson; (The "inventor" of some of the greatest stock market politician perks ever deployed)

Steve Jurvetson; (Elon Musk's sex party buddy and VC who got fired for sex stuff and who has one of the worst reputations around the Valley)

Steve Rattner; (Obama's "Car Czar" who put together the crooked deals with Detroit to exchange fed cash for votes, indicted in NY for securities fraud. Google associate, New America/In-Q-Tel guy)

Steve Westly; (Obama's dirtiest Silicon Valley Political Crony Payola Bundler)

Steven Chu; (Officially known as "The Most Corrupt Secretary Of Energy In American History" who also created the totally screwed up "Iran Nuclear Deal" and the corrupt "Uranium One" deal)

Steve Spinner; (He and his wife structured the stinkiest parts of the Obama Solyndra payola scam)

Susie Tompkins Buell; (DNC financier socialite PR hype-ster for Norcal rich people)

Tracey Turner; ("The FBI cannot comment about an ongoing investigation...")

George Soros; (The world's most overt DNC radical billionaire, the cash behind Netflix and Tesla)

Warren Buffet; (The world's most covert DNC radical billionaire)

Tom Steyer; (The "Master of Cleantech Disaster", 3rd largest financier of Anti-Trump actions, oil guy)

Margie Sullivan; (Tom Steyer's partner and Hillary Clinton's special friend who helped USAID push mining deals to get Afghanistan invaded for Elon Musk and Frank Guistra mining scams)

Tim Draper; (Bromance buddy of Elon Musk with extremist eyebrows and hatred of Californians)

Valarie Jarrett; (Obama's White House overseer of the Obama corruptions office efforts who sought to help Iran)

Vinod Khosla; (The villain of the CBS 60 Minutes episode: The Cleantech Crash, Obama & Clinton financier kick-back artist and "beach stealer")

Michelle Lee; (Google's lawyer who was placed as head of U.S. Patent Office for the purpose of protecting Google and the Silicon Valley Cartel in their IP theft onslaughts)

The law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosatti; (Known as the most "corrupt law firm in Silicon Valley")

Lawrence "Larry" Summers (Harvard President who aided Zuckerberg's light-speed rise to prominence with unprecedented Harvard Crimson coverage; Obama bailout chief; Clinton Treasury Secretary; World Bank Chief Economist; "Special Advisor" to Marc Andreessen in Instagram; co-creator of the current Russian robber baron economy; close 20-year relationships with protégés Sheryl Sandberg & Yuri Milner; aided in recommendations that created the Russian robber baron economy—and Yuri Milner/DST/Asmanov's money used to purchase Facebook stock)

James W. Breyer; (Accel Partners LLP; Facebook director; client of Fenwick & West LLP since the 1990's; apparently received technology from other Fenwick clients that was shuffled to Zuckerberg, incl. Leader Technologies' inventions. Formed CIA IN-Q-TEL spy and IP theft organization)

David Plouffe; directed Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns; a self-described "statistics nerd;" likely directed the activities of the Facebook Club; employed Robert F. Bauer, Perkins Coii LLP in 2000 at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Facebook and Uber manipulation expert)

Mike Sheehy (Cooley-McBee Strategic principal; former National Security Adviser to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi)

Nancy Pelosi (U.S. Congresswoman; appears to be running political cover in the House for Facebook, McBee Strategic, Cooley Godward, Fenwick & West, Breyers, etc.)

Gilman Louie - (Silicon Valley spy and game-maker who formed In-Q-Tel to steal technologies and political agenda's)

Harry Reid (U.S. Senator; Judge Evan J. Wallach patron, one of the most crooked U.S. Senators with millions in bribes)

Thomas J. Kim (SEC, Chief Counsel & Assoc. Director) approved Facebook's 500-shareholder exemption on Oct. 14, 2007, one day after it was submitted by Fenwick & West LLP; Facebook used this exemption to sell $3 billion insider stock to the Russians Alisher Asmanov, Yuri Milner, DST, Digital Sky, Mail.ru which pumped Facebook's pre-IPO valuation to $100 billion; another Harvard grad, Kim worked at Latham & Watkins LLP which was the chief lobbyist for the National Venture Capital Association in 2002-2004 whose Chairman was James W. Beyer, Accel Partners LLP; in other words Breyer and Kim, both Harvard grads, were associated at the time of the Zuckerberg hacking and theft of Leader Technologies' software code)

Ping Li (Accel Partners, Zuckerberg handler)

Jim Swartz (Accel Partners; Zuckerberg handler)

Sheryl K. Sandberg (Facebook, Summers Dominatrix-like protégé; Facebook director - Husband possibly murdered by Russian as an example to tell Zuckerberg to tow-the-line)

Yuri Milner (DST aka Digital Sky, Summers protégé; former Bank Menatep executive; Facebook director)

Alisher Asmanov (DST aka Digital Sky; Goldman Sachs Moscow partner; Russian oligarch; Friend of the Kremlin; Became the Richest Man in Russia after the Facebook IPO)

Marc L. Andreessen (Zuckerberg coach; client of Fenwick & West LLP and Christopher P. King aka Christopher-Charles King aka Christopher King aka Christopher-Charles P. King; Summers' sponsor during Instagram-scam; Facebook director)

Peter Thiel (19-year old Zuckerberg coach; PayPal; Facebook director; CEO, Clarion Capital)

Clarion Capital (Peter Thiel)

Richard Wolpert (Accel Partners)

Robert Ketterson (Fidelity Ventures; Fidelity Equity Partners; Fidelity Ventures Telecommunications & Technology)

David Kilpatrick (Business Insider; "The Facebook Effect"; PR cleanse-meister re. Facebook origins
Zynga/Groupon/LinkedIn/Square/Instagram ("Facebook Money/Credits/Bitcoin" feeder companies)

Tesla Motors (received $465 million in Obama stimulus funds and hired Cooley's Michael Rhodes in the seven months before the Leader v. Facebook trial, just before veteran Judge Joseph Farnan made the surprise announcement of his retirement, just six days after Facebook's disastrous Markman Hearing)

Solyndra (received $535 million in Obama stimulus at the recommendation of the Cooley-McBee Strategic "consulting" alliance)

BrightSource (received $1.6 billion in Obama stimulus at the recommendation of the Cooley-McBee Strategic "consulting" alliance)

John P. Breyer (father of James W. Breyer; founder of IDG Capital Partners - China; coached his son on exploiting Western markets while he quietly built a venture capital business in China for the last 20 years; the real brain behind the Breyer exploitations)

IDG Capital Partners (China)(founded by John P. Breyer, the father of James W. Breyer, Accel Partners; the current launderer of the tens of billions James W has fleeced from the U.S. market from the bailout, stimulus and the "pump & dump" Facebook IPO schemes)

Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs, CEO - The Wizard of Covert Cash)

Jamie Dimon (JP MorganChase, CEO)

Steve Cutler (JP MorganChase, General Counsel)

Rodgin Cohen (JP MorganChase, Outside Counsel; Sullivan Cromwell, LLP)

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (granted Fenwick & West's application on behalf of Facebook for an unpredented exemption to the 500 shareholder rule; opened the floodgated for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to make a private market in Facebook pre-IPO insider stock; facilitated the influx of billions of dollars from "dubious" sources associated with Russian oligarchs, Alisher Asmanov and Yuri Milner, and the Kremlin; Goldman Sachs is a partner with this Moscow company, Digital Sky Technologies, aka DST, aka Mail.ru)

Jeff Markey (McBee Strategic LLC; allied with Facebook's Cooley Godward Kronish LLP to arrange Obama's green energy funding; arranged $1.6 billion for failed BrightSource and $535 million for failed Solyndra)

Steve McBee (McBee Strategic LLC; allied with Facebook's Cooley Godward Kronish LLP to arrange Obama's green energy funding; arranged $1.6 billion for failed BrightSource and $535 million for failed Solyndra)

Michael F. McGowan (Stroz Friedberg; Facebook forensic expert who lied about his knowledge of the contents of the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard Email accounts)

Bryan J. Rose (Stroz Friedberg; Facebook forensic expert who lied about his knowledge of the contents of the 28 Zuckerberg hard drives and Harvard Email accounts)

Dr. Saul Greenberg (Facebook's expert witness from the University of Calgary; disingenuously waived his hands and said he would be "wild guessing" about the purpose of a Java "sessionstate" import statement (even Java newbies know it is used for tracking a user while in a web session); in short, Dr. Greeberg lied to the jury, thus discrediting his testimony)

Toni Townes-Whitley (CGI Federal; Michelle Obama's 1985 Princeton classmate; CGI "donated" $47 million to the Obama campaign; CGI won the no-bid contract to build the www.healthcare.gov Obamacare website; CGI shut off the security features on Obama's reelection donation sites to increase donations)

CGI Federal (US division of a Canadian company; Donated $47 million to Obama's reelection, then received the no-bid contract to build the ill-fated Obamacare website; Michelle Obama's Princeton classmate, Toni Townes-Whitely, is a Senior Vice President of CGI; the website is replete with social features and links to Facebook)

Kathleen Sebelius (Obama's Secretary of Health & Human Services since 2009 responsible for $678 million Obamacare implementation; made the decision to hire CGI Federal on a no-bid contract despite the evident conflict of interest with Michelle Obama and $47 million in Obama campaign donations by CGI; the website is replete with social features and links to Facebook)

Todd Y. Park (White House Chief Technology Officer (CTO); former CTO for Health & Human Services; chief architect of HealthCare.gov; founder, director, CEO, Athenahealth, Inc.; founder, director, CEO, Castlight Health, Inc.)

Frank M. Sands, Sr. / Frank M. Sands, Jr.(Founder and CEO, respectively, of Sands Capital Management LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 13G acquisition reports for Athenahealth, Inc., Baidu, Inc. (ADR) and Facebook stock during 2012; masked the association of Todd Y. Park with Athenahealth, Inc. and Baidu, Inc., and the association of both of those companies with the Facebook IPO fraud)

Robin "Handsome Reward" Yangong Li (CEO, Baidu, Inc. (ADR); appointed Jan. 2004, the same month that Mark Zuckerberg obtained Leader Technologies' social networking source code to start Facebook; Robin Y. Li is very likely associated with John P. and James W. Breyer through their Chinese entities, including IDG Capital Partners, IDG-Accel and other variants; Li appointed a junior attorney from Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto/Mountain View, namely Parker Zhang, to be his "Head of Patents;" Fenwick & West LLP represented both Leader Technologies, Inc. and Accel Partners LLC in 2002-2003 and had Leader's source code in their files.)

Parker Zhang ("Head of Patents" at Baidu, Inc. (ADR), appointed in approx. May 2012; formerly a junior Associate attorney at Fenwick & West LLP; graduate from Michigan Law in 2005)

Penny S. Pritzker (Secretary, Department of Commerce; replaced Rebecca M. Blank; holds over $24 million in Facebook "dark pools" stock, most notably in Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan)

Rebecca M. Blank (Secretary, Department of Commerce; oversaw the dubious Leader v. Facebook activities of the Patent Office Director, David J. Kappos, who held over one million dollars in Facebook "dark pools" during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings; Kappos purchased this stock within weeks of his surprise recess appointment by President Obama; Kappos also was formerly employed by IBM, who sold Facebook 750 patents during the Leader v. Facebook proceedings; right before leaving the Patent OFfice, Kappos also ordered an unprecedented 3rd reexamination of Leader's patent without even identifying claims)

Mary L. Schapiro (Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission; holds 51 Facebook "dark pools" stocks which held stock in Facebook, Baidu and more than a dozen Facebook crony companies; failed to regulate the "dark pools;" failed to disclose her substantial conflict of interest in regulating the run up to the Facebook IPO)

Robert C. Hancock (Chief Compliance Officer, Sands Capital Management, LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 12G notice of acquisition reports for Athena health, Baidu and Facebook during the period of the Facebook IPO in 2012; this conduct masked the conflicts of interest of Todd Y. Park, who was appointed by President Obama to be the U.S. Chief Technology Officer during this same period; Todd Y. Park is/has been founder, director and CEO of both Athena health and Castlight Health; Todd Y. Park deeply embedded the software from Athena health and Castlight Health into HealthCare.gov when he was CTO at Health & Human Services; none of these conflicts of interest were disclosed; Todd Y. Park's ethics pledges and reports are missing from the Office of Government Ethics)

Jonathan Goodman (Chief Counsel, Sands Capital Management, LLC; failed to file S.E.C. Form SC 12G notice of acquisition reports for Athenahealth, Baidu and Facebook during the period of the Facebook IPO in 2012; this conduct masked the conflicts of interest of Todd Y. Park, who was appointed by President Obama to be the U.S. Chief Technology Officer during this same period; Todd Y. Park is/has been founder, director and CEO of both Athena health and Castlight Health; Todd Y. Park deeply embedded the software from Athena health and Castlight Health into HealthCare.gov when he was CTO at Health & Human Services; none of these conflicts of interest were disclosed; Todd Y. Park's ethics pledges and reports are missing from the Office of Government Ethics; Goodman was formerly employed by Gibson Dunn LLP, Facebook appeals counsel in Leader v. Facebook)

Trip Adler ("Co-Founder" of Scribd; Harvard contemporaries of Mark Zuckerberg with a dubious orgins story, like Zuckerberg's; Scribd held AFI documents for two years, then summarily deleted the entire library without warning on Fri. Mar. 7, 2014; AFI's library contained only public documents and much evidence proving the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption)

Jared Friedman ("Co-Founder" of Scribd; Harvard contemporaries of Mark Zuckerberg with a dubious orgins story, like Zuckerberg's; Scribd held AFI documents for two years, then summarily deleted the entire library without warning on Fri. Mar. 7, 2014; AFI's library contained only public documents and much evidence proving the Leader v. Facebook judicial corruption)

Jeffrey Wadsworth (CEO, Battelle Memorial Institute; President, Ohio State University Board of Trustees; former Deputy Director of Science & Technologies, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of California Board of Trustees)

Michael V. Drake (President, The Ohio State University; former Chancellor, University of California, Irvine)

Woodrow A. Myers (Chief Medical Officer, Wellpoint, Inc.; formerly Corporate Operations Officer, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana)

Alex R. Fischer (aka Alexander Ross Fischer; Trustee, The Ohio State University; former Sr. Vice President, Battelle Memorial Institute; Chairman, OmniViz; married to Lori Barreras)

Chris Glaros (author of the discredited Waters Report re. The Ohio State University Marching Band; protege of Eric H. Holder, Jr., Professor James P. Chandler, III, and Algernon L. Marbley)

Lori Barreras (Commissioner, Ohio Civil Rights Commission; former Vice President of Human Resources, The Ohio State University; former Vice President, Battelle Memorial Institute; married to Alex R. Fischer)

David Vaughn (Criminal Attorney, David Vaughn Consulting Group; former Assistant U.S. Attorney; appointed to the discredited Waters Commission at Ohio State)

Betty Montgomery (former Ohio Attorney General; appointed to the discredited Waters Commission at Ohio State; accepted campaign contributions from Woodrow A. Myers, Wellpoint, Inc. and friend of Michael V. Drake)

Joseph A. Steinmetz (Provost, The Ohio State University; author of Psychological Science article on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that triggered the discovery of massive double-dealing and fraud within the Ohio State trustees)

The following operatives do their dirty work through third party corrupt law firms, associations, lobby firms, dirty tricks consultants and compromised state and federal agencies insiders. Google is the single largest employer of this group. Many consider these operatives to be "...a fake smile who would kill their own mother's if the price was right.." including:

McBee Strategic (one of the main "private" arms responsible for dolling out the billions in Obama "green energy" stimulus funds; partnered with Cooley Godward LLP)

Goldman Sachs (received US bailout funds; then invested with DST in Facebook private stock via Moscow; took Facebook public; locked out American investors from investing)

Morgan Stanley (received US bailout funds; took Facebook public; probably participated in oversees purchases of Facebook private stock before IPO)

AntiFA (A corporate financed activism group)

MoveOn.org (A corporate financed activism group)

Rent-A-Crowd (A corporate financed activism group)

State Street Corporation (received U.S. taxpayer bailout monies along with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley; consolidating control of ATM banking networks internationally)

JP Morgan Chase (received U.S. taxpayer bailout monies along with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and State Street Corporation)

The Podesta Brothers (A lobby group with the internal motto of "Stop At Nothing")

Josh Ackil and Matt Tanielian, Franklin Square Group (Companies large and small rely on this tech-centric lobbying firm, which this year delved into big issues like broadband access and intellectual property enforcement.)

Andy Barbour, Smith-Free Group (As a financial services pro, it’s no surprise that Barbour’s client list includes Bank of America and the electronic payments company Square.)

Haley Barbour, Lanny Griffith, Ed Rogers and Loren Monroe, BGR Group (Long one of K Street’s elite shops, BGR Group is on pace for its highest revenue in years.)
Doyle Bartlett, Eris Group (Bartlett’s firm, which specializes in financial services issues, is going strong as it heads into its 15th year.)

Jennifer Bell, Chamber Hill Strategies (Chamber Hill Strategies honed its focus on health-care policy in 2017, growing new business in a fertile lobbying area.)

Dan Boston, Health Policy Source Inc. (As his firm’s name suggests, Boston is a seasoned veteran on health-care policy; his client sheet includes several hospital groups.)

Chuck Brain, Capitol Hill Strategies LLC   (Brain founded this small Democratic firm more than 15 years ago; it punches above its weight with a solid book of business.)

Robert Chamberlin and Sam Whitehorn, Signal Group Consulting LLC (Chamberlin and Whitehorn are fixtures at this public affairs firm, which represents a mixture of corporate and municipal clients.)

Rob Collins and Mike Ference, S-3 Group (With close ties to House and Senate leadership, S-3 is well-positioned to help blue-chip clients in the biggest policy battles.)

Justin Daly, Daly Consulting Group (This small firm helps big financial services companies navigate the complexities of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission, in addition to the halls of the Capitol.)

Tom and Nathan Daschle, The Daschle Group (The former senator and his son have become major players on the lobbying scene, securing foreign government clients, such as Turkey and Japan, and corporate ones, like Aetna.)

Licy Do Canto, The Do Canto Group (Do Canto is an energetic champion for his clients, including a home health care network, the community health care industry and a nonprofit that helps connect low-income mothers with nurses.)

Ken Duberstein and David Schiappa, The Duberstein Group Inc. (Duberstein, a chief of staff in the Reagan White House, commands top-dollar treatment from clients like Estee Lauder, Alibaba Group, the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Office and Duke Energy. Schiappa, who spent nearly three decades in the Senate, knows how members in the upper chamber think.)

Steve Eichenauer, Public Strategies Washington Inc. (A former Democratic aide, Eichenauer specializes in trade at the boutique firm, putting him at the center of some of Washington’s biggest policy fights.)

Steve Spinner Services (Spinner's wife was Solyndra's lawyer and Spinner promises to get any cash for any DNC deal)

Steve Elmendorf and Jimmy Ryan, Subject Matter (Business is booming at this lobbying firm, which has undergone a wholesale transformation by specializing in advocacy and public relations.)

Holly Fechner, Jon Kyl, Howard Berman and Bill Wichterman, Covington & Burling LLP (Pro-Gay, Pro-DNC crotch kickers)

Jeff Forbes and Dan Tate Jr., Forbes-Tate Partners (Forbes, who worked for former Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) during the last attempt at tax reform, and Tate, who did a stint in the Clinton White House, are making waves at their bipartisan shop.)

Elizabeth Frazee, TwinLogic Strategies (Frazee, a former AOL executive and Capitol Hill aide, runs her small firm with verve, scoring big-time tech and telecommunications clients.)

Kimberley Fritts, Paul Brathwaite and Josh Holly, Podesta Alliances (The Dirty Dogs of DC)

Chris Giblin and Moses Mercado, Ogilvy Government Relations (Deep strings)

Nicholas Giordano, Washington Council Ernst & Young (Giordano, a former chief tax counsel for Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, is an advocate clients will want in their corner during the debate over tax reform.)

Rich Gold, Kathryn Lehman and Gerry Sikorski, Holland & Knight LLP (The firm’s lobby shop, which represents Native American tribes, cities around the U.S. and corporations, is propelled by Gold, Lehman and Sikorski, a former congressman from Minnesota.)

Elizabeth Gore, Marc Lampkin and Al Mottur, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck (Led by this potent trio, the team at Brownstein has rocketed into the stratosphere, growing the firm’s client base and revenue.)

Micah Green, Jason Abel and Luis Fortuño, Steptoe & Johnson LLP (The law and lobby firm’s capabilities are vast; Green is a financial services pro, Abel is an ethics law expert and former aide to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), and Fortuño served as the governor of Puerto Rico.)

Ilisa Halpern Paul and Jodie Curtis, District Policy Group (Health care dominates the roster for this firm, with Halpern Paul and Curtis called upon to move the agenda and cultivate relationships on Capitol Hill and in the administration.)
Michael Herson, American Defense International Inc. (Herson has earned his stripes over the years, becoming a top lobbyist on defense issues; recently, he’s helped SpaceX DNC spy efforts take on more established players in Washington. )

Mike House, Hogan Lovells LLP (House has decades of K Street experience, giving him a rarefied ability to work through complicated legislative and regulatory tasks.)

Steven Irizarry and Vin Roberti, Roberti Global LLC ( Helped Samsung navigate the recall of exploding lithium ion cellphone batteries.)

Joel Johnson, The Glover Park Group LLC (Johnson is one of the go-tos for clients in a jam; beyond his advocacy work for domestic and foreign clients, he provides crisis communications services.)

Ken Kies, Federal Policy Group LLC (Kies has decades of experience in tax policy; few lobbyists will be in such high demand as the Republican Congress considers changes to the tax code.)

Lisa Kountoupes, KDCR partners LLC (Kountoupes’s firm is soaring to new heights as it celebrates its 10th anniversary.)

Blanche Lincoln, Lincoln Policy Group (Lincoln, a former Democratic senator, has created a K Street success story, signing almost 20 new clients in 2017, primarily in the health-care space.)

Robert Livingston, The Livingston Group LLC (Livingston, a former congressman and top appropriator, has clients ranging from Oracle to the Democratic Republic of Congo relying on his expertise.)

Trent Lott, John Breaux and Jack Kingston, Squire Patton Boggs (This top-flight team of former lawmakers has helped the global firm rebound from a slump, signing the Biotechnology Innovation Organization and BAE Systems in the past year. )

Sander Lurie, Dentons US LLP (Lurie has nearly three decades of public policy experience to draw upon as he represents members of the Fortune 500.)
Bruce Mehlman and David Castagnetti, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas Inc. (When they aren’t fighting for clients on Capitol Hill, Mehlman and Castagnetti travel around the country providing insight for groups outside the Beltway  into how American leaders think.)

Larry O’Brien, The OB-C Group LLC (O’Brien is a Democratic mover and shaker who has been working on gun control for Everytown for Gun Safety and on tax policy for Intuit, the maker of TurboTax.)
Tom O’Donnell, Gephardt Group Government Affairs (The firm founded by former Democratic Rep. Dick Gephardt (Mo.) is flush with clients, including working for Bayer as the company attempts a mega-merger with Monsanto.)

Kevin O’Neill and Eugenia Pierson, Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP (This duo was brought on in January 2016 to help build out the law firm’s lobbying practice; since then, advocacy revenues are on pace to more than double over last year. )

Manny Ortiz, VantageKnight Inc. (A year after leaving top K Street firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, the Democratic operative is flourishing, keeping a prized contract with CITGO Petroleum and expanding his work for Puerto Rico.)

Scott Pastrick and Charlie Black, Prime Policy Group (Genuine Washington insiders, Pastrick and Black are political animals who move freely between the worlds of lobbying and campaigns.)

Jeff Peck, Peck Madigan Jones (Peck brings sterling Democratic credentials — having worked for then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) — to clients like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness, the Business Roundtable and the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation.)

Jim Pitts and Chris Cox, Navigators Global  LLC (The firm has already matched its revenues for all of 2016 this year as it goes into overdrive for clients such as Oracle and the Puerto Rico Statehood Council.)

Heather Podesta, Invariant LLC (Podesta rebranded her firm earlier this year, completing the transformation from small start-up to K Street institution.)
Brian Pomper, Hunter Bates, Scott Parven, Arshi Siddiqui and Geoff Verhoff, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP (Pomper and Bates are taking on a new leadership role in the law firm’s lobbying operation, backed by an all-star team that includes Parven, Siddiqui and Verhoff.)

Thomas Quinn and Rob Smith, Venable LLP (Quinn is a longtime Democratic operative known all over town, while Smith is a Republican skilled in tax, defense and telecommunications policy.)

Robert Raben, The Raben Group (Raben mixes corporations and causes at his successful firm; its business sheet includes not only Google, Sprint and Mastercard, but also the Innocence Project, FairVote and Everytown For Gun Safety.)
John Raffaelli, Jim McCrery and Shannon Finley, Capitol Counsel LLC (Finley, a multifaceted Democratic lobbyist)

The Westly Group ( The architects of Obama's CleanTech payola scam)

Mark Rayder, Alston & Bird LLP (Rayder, a former lobbyist for the American College of Gastroenterology and adviser on Capitol Hill, is a trusted resource for clients on health-care policy.)

Barry Rhoads, Kai Anderson and Jordan Bernstein, Cassidy & Associates Inc. (Rhoads, Anderson and Bernstein are leading the charge to buy the firm back from its parent company, Interpublic Group; their skill in appropriations and defense work is second to none.)

Emanuel Rouvelas, Darrell Conner, Bart Gordon and James Walsh, K&L Gates LLP (Taxes and appropriations are the bedrock of K&L’s advocacy; think of these lobbyists as the money men. )

Rhod Shaw, Alpine Group (Shaw can handle any policy issue thrown at him — that’s the versatility that comes after two decades in the lobbying game.)
Michaela Sims, Sims Strategies (Sims, a former aide to then-Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), went into business for herself this year; health-care clients like WellCare Health Plans and GlaxoSmithKline quickly followed.)

Mike Smith and Jim Richards, Cornerstone Government Affairs Inc. (Smith and Richards can turn a single line of the federal budget into a policy win — to clients, that speaks volumes. )

Charlie Spies and Kevin Kelly, Clark Hill PLC ( Kelly, worked as an aide to former Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), helps steer the firm’s government and public affairs practice.)

Tracy Spicer, Avenue Solutions (Spicer, a former aide to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), has kept her all-Democratic firm humming along this year, with the debate over health care driving business.)

Russ Sullivan and Michael Drobac, McGuireWoods Consulting (As the longtime staff director for the Senate Finance Committee, Sullivan knows tax policy inside and out; Drobac is an expert on all things tech.)

Linda Tarplin, Tarplin, Downs & Young LLC (Tarplin, a longtime consultant and lobbyist, has an impressive roster of health-care clients to her name.)

Carl Thorsen and Alec French, Thorsen French Advocacy (This two-man bipartisan firm often works on issues that are off the beaten path for clients such as the American Association for Justice, the Directors Guild of America and Cultural Care Au Pair.)

Stu Van Scoyoc, Van Scoyoc Associates (Van Scoyoc has cultivated a partisan firm with roots in appropriations issues, helping out clients such as SeaWorld, Airports Council International, the city of San Diego and the Cleveland Clinic. )

Stewart Verdery, Monument Policy Group LLC (It’s been nothing but growth since Verdery founded his shop more than 10 years ago; they’ve launched a public affairs arm and reopened a Seattle office this year.)

Jack Victory and Rick Shelby, Capitol Hill Consulting Group (Victory is a CEO with a knack for developing legislative strategy; Shelby wields power in the energy space and in state politics.)

Jonathan Yarowsky, WilmerHale (Yarowsky’s client sheet spans multiple industry sectors, setting the tone as co-chairman of the firm’s public policy and legislative affairs practice.)

Together they use the key political tactic of "heart-string" stock market pumping.

They deploy a coordinated PR program that hypes a certain fabricated "issue" which will end up increasing the valuation of stock market stocks they own.

"Immigration" creates more DNC voters which allow them to control more Senators who, in return, create more policies which increase the valuation of the Mafia's stock market holdings at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.

"Climate Change" causes more government cash for the solar panels, wind farms, lithium ion batteries and electric cars which the Palo Alto Mafia owns the exclusive rights to. The more they can push a "crisis" perception about climate change, the more cash they can put in their pockets. Goldman Sachs is the "advisor" for Tesla, Solyndra and most "green" Mafia companies.

The private profits of this scheme involve over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS of tax money. That is why they will lie, cheat, steal and even kill to keep their plot going.

The top ways to prevent these crimes are to 1.) outlaw lobbying and 2.) create a ten year moratorium of politicians working in politics. The Palo Alto Mafia spends over 16 BILLION DOLLARS per year in lobbying efforts to prevent this from happening.

The Palo Alto Mafia self-deludes and echo-chambers their peers into a frenzy of increasingly violent thought about all those who oppose their schemes and covertly supports ANTIFA as a surrogate entity so that they can sit in their Woodside mansions and "remote-control" disruptions and political resistance.

In fact, they are sociopath criminals deserving arrest by federal police and prosection under RICO Racketeering laws.