AMERICAN DOJ RAN A COVER-UP PROGRAM FOR CLINTON URANIUM ONE SCAM: A John Podesta email includes an attachment of a letter sent by Senator Grassley to Loretta Lynch demanding an investigation into Uranium One. A.G. Lynch ignored and squashed the investigation

Loretta Lynch Implicated In Uranium One Obstruction Of Justice

A Wikileaks email, titled “Grassley letter” points to possible collusion between the Department Of Justice and the Clinton Campaign on Uranium One. A letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to Loretta Lynch questioning the Uranium One deal ended up in the hands of a Clinton Foundation Senior VP and ultimately in the hands of John Podesta and the Clinton campaign.

Grassley Letter

Grassley letter Attachment:

Senator Grassley needs a worthy nickname. We should start drafting our own legends around the patriots of this period just as the Founding Fathers did. I my opinion Senator Grassely will be one of the heros of our New American Revolution where we Drain the Swamp.

More Evidence: “It’s out there”

Another email, dated 4/29/2015, from Jennifer Palmieri to John Podesta, titled “It’s out there“, when news of Uranium One first hit the Internet.

Brian Fallon, Hillary’s press secretary, and Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s director of communications were the initial recipients of the message. Palmieri then forwarded it to Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta, adding, “Fyi.”

They knew!







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  1. the mob, italian, russian or even an african warlord could be envious of the obungholo crew.

    • Do you think anyone will ever be arrested? They already proved that “The law is for thee, but not for me” as it concerned HRC

  2. Wonder if Mueller is going to check into that?

    Oh, wait … Yeah

  3. Putin put out an international arrest warrant with Interpol for Geroge Soros in 2013. Now you know what the Mueller investigation is all about. It is to keep President Trump from meeting with Putin and extraditing Soros to Russia. This is the collusion they are all really worried about.