Absolutely NOBODY asked for self-driving cars

.... but 15 companies have taken it upon themselves to force them on the public in order to scam billions of dollars from DOE, NHTSA and DOT stimulus funds.

No consumer on Earth is going to be willing to pay forty thousand dollars for a car that watches everything you do and sends the recordings to Google, The NSA, collection agencies, lawyers and hackers.

Self-driving cars are the dumbest ideas in history. They defy privacy and personal space more than anything ever created. The idea of them exists entirely to provide excuses for Senator's to send payola to their political financiers!

They are a political scam!

Elon Musk lies, covers-up, obfuscates and clouds all of the failures Tesla has had with their horribly failed self-driving technology.

Tesla says that GM and Uber are buying their way into the autonomous car industry

The race for self-driving cars is on as different automobile companies look to speed up their way to full autonomy. And in the process of doing it, Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has just taken a dig at its rivals General Motors and Uber, both of whom are working on self-driving cars. The Palo Alto company did not directly refer to Uber or GM, but the statement from the company was targeted at both the companies.According to a report by Electrek, the electric car maker said that it is the leader in the autonomous automobile industry due to its Autopilot feature with other companies following its footstep towards the technology. Tesla further said that “small team of programmers with a little more than demoware had been bought for as much as billion dollars.”

This was an indirect statement made by the company towards its competitors. But Tesla then went one step ahead taking direct shots at GM and Uber by naming them. The company said General Motors bought 40 person firm Cruise Automation for $1 billion while Uber acquired self-driving truck startup Otto for $680 million.

In the past, we have not seen Tesla taking direct shots at a company regarding its autonomous technology. But this incident occurred after it sued its former Autopilot head for trying to hire its engineers and stealing information. Sterling Anderson, the former Autopilot director, has refuted the claims made by Tesla.

General Motors and Uber have both started to speed up their autonomous technology after making acquisitions. Uber has already begun testing its self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in a bid to collect data and further improve the technology. The ride-hailing company believes that by introducing self-driving cars, it can reduce its driver cost which is the main cost that the company incurs.