Adrian Covert of Gawker, Gizmodo and CNN

Adrian -

You really shouldn’t have accepted that cash and that other “special compensation” from Obama’s White House, Elon Musk and the DNC in exchange for attempting to character assassinate and “kill” people.

Here is what it has gotten you:

For the rest of your pathetic life you will be under surveillance. Nothing you do will not be documented. This surveillance of you has already been paid for, in advance. There is more than one Peter Thiel out here.

We are taking out every single person that you worked for so you can watch them drop like flies before we come for you.

Clearly, you have not fully considered the implications of our notoriously world famous “FUCK YOU” PLAN which was created decades ago for people exactly like YOU!

You are now going to experience the program under this Plan for the rest of your time on Earth and even into your historical legacy after you die.

It costs us between $120,000.00 and $1.2M to sue your pathetic ass into oblivion. Anybody can do that to a weasel such as you. That’s the easy part of the Plan and it is only 2% of what will now happen to you.

Because you are a scumbag who has been accused, by reporters and tipsters, of very evil bribery, sex, drug, political, tax evasion, money hiding, misogyny, abuse and other things, many people might consider hiring an MS-13 street gang or a Russian drug Cartel to torture and kill you. We would never do that!

We find that our 100% legal FUCK YOU Plan is far more effective.

The Fuck You Plan will last for the rest of your life. We will never forget about what you did and we will never forgive you. (Unless, of course, you want to pay us at least ten million dollars for the legal, personal, economic, brand and related damages you cost us).

Next we are putting you in our, and others, special crime prevention databases. The databases have every piece of information about you that you ever created, ie: all of your addresses, account numbers, tax records, bank accounts, dating site records, phone numbers, fax numbers, IMEI device records, IP addresses, device serial numbers, every lover you cheated on, service calls, drug deals, hookers, rent boys, Uber and Lyft trip addresses, neighbors, GPS records, etc. All of this information is legally acquired. You put most of it out on the web yourself.

Face recognition is also sourcing up every image of you on security cameras, Walmart cameras, restaurant cameras, Google and Bing image databases, social networks, dating sites, traffic cameras, hotel and motel cameras and everything that has ever recorded your face; which is public domain. Everything you are connected to will be connected to you.

If you ever, for the rest of your life, cheat on taxes, take money off-the-books, lie on an application, get arrested, get sued, buy drugs, buy sex, cheat, hide money, use off-shore conduits, set-up an illicit trust fund or shell corporation, get an STD, lie on a dating site, abuse or extort an employee, abuse a co-worker, plagiarize, break the law, run a real estate scam, hide insider stock trading, provide political campaign services without filing detailed and accurate FEC disclosures, support a political campaign, spend or receive any money that you do not report,

There is no place on Earth you can hide from us. Our investigators and our friends in Congress, our journalist buddies, law enforcement and the intelligence community will never let you out of their sights!

We do not do creepy illicit things, like you do, so we have nothing to worry about. You have PLENTY to worry about.

You are, today, sitting at the edge of the same precipice that Richard Nixon, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and other scum sat at just before they slid down their filthy funnels straight to hell. Enjoy the ride!

You killed yourself you ANTIFA, faggy little scum. Now wait and wonder when each of the next (100% legal) surprises will arrive when you, and your family least expect it. Get ready for bankruptcy and social nightmares that will haunt you forever.