Adrian Covert: Character Assassin and Hired AntiFa Blogger

Adrian Covert advertises himself as a "Character Assassin". He works for Hillary Clinton and Obama campaign financiers, like John Podesta, and for Corrupt White House staff like Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and David Axelrod.  Covert is in charge of media resources for political crony payola kick-back scams using tax payer dollars. These facts are able to be proven before a federal Grand Jury, in FBI 302 Reports and in Congressional hearings. Let's take a look at his illicit, unethical and potentially criminal activities in a 2000+ page background investigation forwarded to the FBI and the U.S. Congress:

Covert is part of Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media and Univision; who are world famous for their malicious character assassinations on behalf of the DNC and corrupt Silicon Valley campaign finance billionaires.

At CNN Fraud News Network, Covert helps destroy the lives, brands, careers and income of anyone who might expose crimes conducted by the DNC:

"Covert's sexuality is arguable, while he worked for reknown anal sex enthusiast: Nick Denton, along with a cadre of young, emotionally disturbed young men;  he also claims to have a "wife". He often bragged, at evening venues, of his chronic masturbation needs, according to some. Peter Theil, a famous gay technologist, put Covert's Gawker Media out of business and Covert was said to be the supplier of the stories that defamed Peter Theil. Possibly Covert will stick his business into any opportunity, no matter the gender or species. Only time will tell."   -Taki Magazine Comments

A high net worth victim of Covert’s attacks (Possibly Theil) is known to have invested many millions of dollars in private investigators and surveillance services targeting Adrian Covert for his suspected crimes.

Covert’s life could be changed in an instant when he is forced into court for his crimes. Covert has caused billions of dollars of damages to individuals and their company revenues, as he intended, with his malicious actions. Covert “intended to harm” the revenue of others by his actions. Some are trying to force Covert to sue them in order to trick Covert, and his associates, into creating a jury trial that will bypass the dismissal (or demurrer) phase of a trial. In the past, Covert, and his assassin bro’s, have tried to get cases against them dismissed before they can reach a jury. Now Covert must allow any cases against him into trial or be forced to put them in trial himself.

Look’s like Covert is skunked and every asset of his will eventually be taken by the Court. On top of that, every device he owns is under surveillance for life. If he buys a rent-boy, hooker or drugs; it will be recorded!