Beware of “Pretend Lawyers” who want to help you sue Google, or the DNC but, in fact, actually covertly work for Google and the DNC!

By Amy Lawson

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse case went public, the bigger part of the revelations has turned out to be that Weinstein availed himself of services which act as corporate or legal “honeytraps”.

These groups: Stratfor, In-Q-Tel, Black Cube, Sandline, and an army of law firms; send in lawyers or “reporters” who pretend that they want to help you. In fact, the lawyers or “helpers” are actually agents of Google and the DNC trying to delay you and trip you up. Weinstein had these facade players pretend to be lawyers, reporters or others who wanted to help the victims when, in fact, they wanted to destroy them. The DNC had their lawyers at Perkins Coie pay off the dirty tricks agents over and over. They did it to get billions of dollars of Department of Energy, CIA, DOT and other agency grants, loans and contracts in their pockets.

Numerous reporters have received tips that a legal group in San Rafael, California who are suing Google are actually DNC and Google advocates.

The Weinstein case exposed the fact that fake lawyers and fake reporter shills is a multi-billion dollar business. Weinstein paid millions for his dirty tricks. Law firm Perkins Coie paid GPS millions to hunt-and-kill for the DNC.

The Legal Honeytrap is quite insidious. Lawyers place themselves in the path of those harmed by Google, DNC, Facebook or other lefty campaign politicos. They acquire the hard-earned cash of their victims as a retainer, while seeking to delay, damage, intelligence gather and misdirect those victims in order to protect the Silicon Valley Cartel.

Google and the modern DNC is largely comprised of frat boy culture elitists. They were trained in their frat house and sorority games that dirty tricks are the expected way to get ahead in business. Almost 90% of those arrested or indicted for bribery, tax evasion, high-end sex trafficking, money laundering and other corporate crimes, were leaders in the college Greek system. Dirty tricks is a way of life to these folks.

The old saw of “if it sounds too good to be true” must be followed with extreme care when you cross swords with the Silicon Valley oligarchs. Big law firms (MoFo, Wilson Sonsini, Perkins Coi, Latham Watkins...and that ilk) have been caught in these tactics but smaller lawyers and sole practitioners are the more voluminous in this special field of fake legal services.

If you never met the lawyer in person and if you can’t track the social media posts, campaign contributions and clients for the last 10 years, you should be suspicious of lawyers who “offer to help you” fight Silicon Valley. They could be working for the other side.

The San Francisco Bar Association is thought to be conflicted out when an individual goes to them looking for a lawyer to sue for Silicon Valley corruption. Most of the cash that the The San Francisco Bar Association and California Bar Association members put in their pockets comes from the very companies that victims are looking to sue. A number of victims have complained that “...filing a lawyer request with SFBA or CALBAR to sue the Silicon Valley oligarchs is like strapping steaks to your thighs and jumping in a shark tank...” You will just be asking to get yourself black-listed and targeted by the Bay Area lawyers who feed at the Silicon Valley Cartel’s trough.

While the legal industry requires lawyers to engage in a “conflict-of-interest” check; those who run legal honeytraps will simply lie about the conflicts check.

Silicon Valley’s impunity lies in the fact that Silicon Valley has hired every law firm who might ever go after Silicon Valley. They hired them to stop SEC, FTC and related anti-trust hearings. They won’t hesitate to order that small victims either get black-listed or legal honey-trapped.

You could get your life savings drained by these fake front lawyers who want to harm you, and not help you, on orders from Google, Debbie Wasserman or Mark Zuckerberg.

Never trust a helper who wants to help you sue a Silicon Valley oligarch. They could be one of the Pied Pipers of Google.

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