Billionaire Democratic donor is building a digital army in order to impeach Trump

Billionaire Democratic donor is building a digital army in order to impeach Trump (

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Great, let him waste his money. Just one more way Trump is stimulating the economy.

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AKA reddit

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His brother is James P. Steyer:

They both visited Obama's WH many times (

James Pearson Steyer (born 1956) is an American child advocate, civil rights attorney, professor and author. He is most known for founding Common Sense Media, an organization dedicated to improving media and entertainment lives for kids and families. /

In 2016, Charlie Rose reported that Common Sense Media was the United States largest non-profit dedicated to children's issues

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Common Sense Media has award shows, so he gets to rub shoulders with all those child actors/actresses.

His wife is a nightmarish tranny-looking thing:

She was on the SF Superbowl 50 host committee (Superbowl is also a trafficking hotspot)

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Ties to Soros through "American Bridge" PAC

He's in the email CC about the "walnut sauce" in Podesta's emails...

He met with Podesta and Soros in 2014:

Adviser to President Obama John Podesta met with billionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros for a lunchtime meeting at the White House in February, according to meeting records.

The White House visitor documents show that shortly after Steyer had committed to spend upward of $100 million on the 2014 election cycle for environmentally friendly candidates who helped put climate change on the map, he met with Podesta and Soros.

Podesta gets cranky:

I am deep in the middle of dealing with getting fucked by the NYT, but I didn't expect to get fucked by you in the NYT. Thanks a lot for jumping us. I hope President Bush helps you reach your climate goals.

Implies that he'll have to go with Jeb now that he fucked the Clintons. (2015)

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Wait, I don't think the internet has the power to impeach anybody....

Pretty sure that has to go through Congress, bro.

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Yep, another good example as to why it's money down the drain. Expect more shills, though...