Boosted tells people to stop riding its electric skateboards after lithium ion battery explosions

by Rich McCormick

Samsung isn't the only tech company having problems with flaming batteries. Boosted, the maker of some of the better electric skateboards on the market, has warned customers to stop riding and charging its second-generation devices after two separate incidents in which lithium-ion batteries were found to have "vented" inside their enclosures.

Nobody was injured and no property was damaged in the incidents, Boosted says, but in a warning posted on its official site it requests that owners move their boards away from flammable objects. People who do observe signs of battery venting — including smoke emanating from the enclosure or the battery pack becoming warm — should go even further, leaving their boards outside, and calling Boosted so its engineers can examine the device in question.

Nobody was hurt in the incidents

The water-resistant second-generation Boosted board was released in late August this year, and the company had promised an extended-range version — with a bigger battery — would ship in early 2017. Boosted has said it will stop shipping new boards to customers, but it hasn't yet confirmed whether the issues affect all of its newest boards, or whether it still plans to ship the extended-range devices in a few months.

Boosted says that its batteries are kept in enclosures made of fire-retardant composite, but however the situation shakes out — whether the company replaces the batteries or issues a full Note 7-style full recall of the devices — it's another public knock to the capabilities of lithium-ion cells.

Why phone batteries like the Note 7's explode:

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