California's Kamala Harris accused of "sleeping her way to the top" calls herself "honorary sex worker" at prostitutes meeting.

- Both AG's found to have halted organized crime investigations into their own campaign financiers.

- Both traded cash for crony deals to "fix" faked up climate change data by giving "...'climate repair' contracts, grants and govt. loans" to their friends.

- Existing documents uncovered showing that both had the crimes reported to them over last decade and they each ordered the data covered up.

- Both used Gawker Media, CNN, Think Progress, Media Matters and Gizmodo to run hit-jobs on opposition and competitors.

Motion to Renew and Reargue with New York Supreme Court Over Revelation of AG Efforts to Hide Schneiderman Use of Private E-mail

New York, NY – Late last week, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), acting on newly revealed information about yet another private email account of a public official, filed a motion to renew and reargue before the New York Supreme Court in one of E&E Legal's public records suits against the Office of the Attorney General (NY OAG) Eric Schneiderman.  This motion was prompted by E&E Legal obtaining an unsealed copy of a recent Supreme Court order in which the court acknowledged having reviewed at least one official Schneiderman email using a private account.

This latest private email account E&E Legal has found in use by the "climate-RICO" AGs is under Schneiderman's sole custody, is in violation of Schneiderman's own rules and raises serious questions about his Office's highly misleading arguments before the same court aimed at avoiding a search of this account.  

In previous court filings and arguments, the NY OAG's office went out of its way to give the impression that Schneiderman was not using private e-mails, clearly to avoid a court-ordered search of these records.  Subsequent documents have come to light, however, that clearly show Schneiderman used a "prohibited" private e-mail address. E&E Legal's filing reminded the court of these previous misleading statements and the court's reliance on them, asking to renew and reargue the case.

"No attorney wants to go back and plow old ground, and motions to renew and reargue are fairly unusual," said attorney Matt Hardin, who is representing E&E Legal in the case.  "Unfortunately, as in previous dealings we've had with the NY OAG, they've been less than forthcoming regarding their use of private e-mail accounts and thus have shown little regard for the very laws they're sworn to protect and uphold."

E&E Legal also asked the court to clarify its recent ruling to confirm the public has a right to know which outside email provider Schneiderman is using for select official correspondence,as there is no privacy interest in hiding whether it is Hotmail or Yahoo, for example, but noting that different providers offer differing levels of security for correspondence NYOAG itself insists are highly confidential "law enforcement" records.

In its earlier filings, E&E Legal had argued that Schniederman was using a private account to avoid scrutiny through New York Freedom of Information Law requests.  In response, the NY OAG submitted an affidavit from an OAG representative Michael Jerry, who stated that NY OAG employees were prohibited from using private e-mails, and argued E&E Legal had failed to show the AG used such an account. The Court based its December 21, 2016 Interim Ruling, in which the latest ruling was grounded, in large part on the Jerry Affidavit in its decision not to require the NY OAG to search such records.

"In its Interim Ruling the Court sided with the NY OAG saying it didn't order the search of private e-mail records because there wasn't evidence they existed," added Hardin.  "With documents clearly showing private e-mail use by the New York Attorney General, we are confident the Court will ultimately call for the search and disclosures of these records we originally sought."

E&E Legal seeks records related to Schneiderman's campaign to use RICO statutes and other legal instruments to pursue and silence those who disagree with the 'climate' political agenda, an issue also playing out in federal court in New York this week.  Records obtained from other AG offices by E&E Legal revealed this campaign was promoted and indeed originated by various financial interests including the Rockefeller Family Fund and Tom Steyer.

Elon Musk Attacks Trump Over “Climate Change”,Trump Should Respond (Tesla Subsidies, H-1B, Illegal Labor)


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So, the welfare queen Elon Musk has quit two advisory councils serving President Trump.  This is quite rich for Musk, whose sales of Tesla cars tank once subsidies are withdrawn.

Elon Musk is breaking his ties with the White House now that President Donald Trump has said he will pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said on Wednesday that he would have “no choice” but to leave the two advisory councils he sits on if the US withdrew from the landmark climate deal — a commitment he reiterated on Thursday after Trump made the announcement.

“Am departing presidential councils,” Musk tweeted. “Climate change is real.

[Elon Musk Bails On Trump’s Advisory Councils After US Withdraws From Paris Climate Deal, by Danielle Muoio, Business Insider, June 1, 2017]

Tesla is the most heavily subsidized automobile on the market— it has no market without tax subsidies.

According to the latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), sales of Electrically Chargeable Vehicles (which include plug-in hybrids) in Q1 of 2017 were brisk across much of Europe: they rose by 80% Y/Y in eco-friendly Sweden, 78% in Germany, just over 40% in Belgium and grew by roughly 30% across the European Union… but not in Denmark: here sales cratered by over 60% for one simple reason: the government phased out taxpayer subsidies.

As Bloomberg writes, and as Elon Musk knows all too well, the results confirm that “clean-energy vehicles aren’t attractive enough to compete without some form of taxpayer-backed subsidy.”

[It’s Confirmed: Without Government Subsidies, Tesla Sales Implode, by Tyler Durden, Technocracy News, June 12, 2017]


From hero to zero, in just one month.

Mr. JD Clayton, Property President of Studio City, and Miss Isabel Fan, Regional Director of Tesla Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Hong Kong has long been a hotbed for electric car sale, driven mostly by incentives, but what happens when those incentives vanish – almost doubling the cost of a new EV in some cases overnight? EV sales disappear….completely.

In March 2017, electric car sales in Hong Kong stood at 2,964 units. Come April, sales dropped to zero units. This was exactly as we had predicted when news first surfaced of the incentives being slashed.

[With Incentives Removed, Electric Car Sales, Including Teslas, Come To Complete Halt In Hong Kong, by Eric Loveday, Inside EVs, June 17, 2017]

Worse yet, Tesla is an H-1B dependant company, driving down American wages by importing foreign nationals to perform high skilled work.

And Tesla has yet to be held accountable by the Department of Justice for illegally importing Eastern European low wage laborers to build their Fremont, CA, Tesla plant.

The piece details how companies use the various visa-laundering companies that admit sketchy workers and allow business to evade US laws regarding immigration, wages and work conditions. [The Hidden Workforce Expanding Tesla’s Factory, By Louis Hansen, San Jose Mercury News, May 15, 2015] The local company Tesla was the case under scrutiny.

The face of the story is Gregor Lesnik, a Slovenian electrician hired to work at Tesla’s Fremont plant. He worked 10-hour days, six days a week installing pipes in a Tesla paint shop until he fell through the roof. He sustained serious injuries, for which none of the companies which aided his hiring wanted to be financially responsible: being a subcontractor is a common and convenient excuse. Lesnik is currently engaged in a lawsuit that has shined a light on the corrupt cheap labor system.

[Industry Still Imports Cheap Foreign Labor in Violation of US Law, by Brenda Walker, VDare, May 17, 2016]

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has told Americans that those who violate immigration laws will be prosecuted, but the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California, Brian Stretch, a Deep State Obama operative, has not yet announced prosecution of Tesla and Tesla’s co-conspirators, Eisenmann USA and ISM Vuzem, Inc.

Give Brian Stretch a call here and ask him why:

450 Golden Gate Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 436-7200

Time for President Trump to act against Tesla by ending its tax breaks and shutting off the supply of H-1B and illegal alien labor.

BREAKING : Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris Entangled in Shady Scheme

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Well well well… it looks like Mad Max may have been selling her endorsement in a shady pay for play scheme.

Guess who was a taker?

None other than Dem “rising star” Kamala Harris.

From ConservativeTribune

“A fool and his money are soon elected.” That humorous quote comes from Will Rogers, but his century-old wisdom is still very applicable today — especially when it comes to corrupt lawmakers like Maxine Waters.

The California Democrat, a veteran congresswoman first elected to the House in 1990, has been exposed as part of a “pay-to-play” scheme that funnels money into her campaign coffers… and the scandal could have major implications in the next presidential election.

Accord to the Washington Free Beacon, nearly $750,000 has been funneled through an endorsement and mailing list operation run by Waters and her daughter, Karen.

In basic terms, politicians who want to ride on the coattails of Maxine Waters’ name recognition pay her a large amount of money to be officially endorsed. The funds also buy a spot on the congresswoman’s mailer, which is sent to 200,000 constituents.

“The operation is run by Karen Waters, the daughter of Rep. Waters, who has collected more than $650,000 to date for running the endorsement mailers,” explained the Free Beacon.

“Karen is owed another $108,000 from her mother’s campaign committee, according to its most recent records. Once Karen is paid, her total payments will reach more than $750,000 since 2006,” continued the news source.

Paying such high amounts for endorsements may seem obscene, but one rising star in the Democrat party apparently doesn’t think so. California’s Sen. Kamala Harrishas reportedly paid Waters tens of thousands of dollars to be included on the printed list of endorsements.

“Harris — who has garnered media attention and earned speculation that she is positioning herself to run for president in 2020 following her performance during recent Senate hearings, including that of former FBI Director James Comey — has kicked $63,000 to the campaign of Maxine Waters, the congressional face of the anti-Trump movement, in exchange for placement on the endorsement mailers,” revealed the Free Beacon, citing Federal Election Commission records.

Through a decade-old legal loophole, the Waters campaign operation is able to bypass the contribution limits that restrict other people, the Free Beacon reported.

It’s ironic that the same Democrats who often rail against money in politics have been caught lining their pocketsthrough loopholes and schemes.

The Utter BS of Elon Musk

By E&E Research Center – Los Angeles

Elon Musk says that he wants all of the NASA and Department of Defense taxpayer cash in order to build A Utopian City of Joy on Mars.

He lies.

He is only using SpaceX to build and launch spy satellites to spy on citizens and deliver fake news and data harvesting to the world. He makes these BS pronouncements about impossible Martian cities in order to smoke-screen his crony cash grabs. He blinds you with his BS while he robs your paycheck. Part of your pay check deduction pays for Elon Musk’s sex workers and private jets.

He floods the internet with artist renderings and hippie “Master Plans” of a sex-infused Burning-Man-on-Mars hype.At the same time, what he is actually doing is launching the deadliest, most privacy-abusing, data-harvesting devices humankind has ever known, into space.

SpaceX is where the dirty political tricksters of In-Q-Tel work. SpaceX is where the muder-and-heroin-for-sale online site: Silk Road, was launched. SpaceX is the company that has had lots of rockets blow-up. SpaceX is who is getting sued by their engineer for lying about safety.SpaceX is a BAD THING!

Musk always presents his pitch as if he wanted you to help him make pixie dust and fuzzy socks for disabled Magic Fairies in the Golden Forest of Dreams!

Who wouldn’t want to help with that!?

His self-promoting ego-masturbation TED Talks are designed to present a Wizard of Oz load of crap that will bring the suckers running and dull the sensibilities of the casual observer. Musk is the fraud behind the curtain.

Imagine! By even listening to Elon Musk and his friends you can help save the Fairies!

Musk looks like a fresh-scrubbed frat house boy with an easy smile. Some want us to recall that many sociopaths looked just like Elon Musk. They use their looks to disarm you just before they cut your throat.

He uses a political tactic best described as the “Fluffy Pillow Filled With Sharp Nails” approach.

He couches political crony-ism cash grabs in a soft facade of warm, fuzzy, crunchy-granola, singing bird, sunshine-talk in order to lure the voters and stupider politicians into a dulled somnambulism.

Look!”, he says “… it’s just a fuzzy puppy. We all love fuzzy puppies. Move along, nothing to see here..”

The “fuzzy puppy” is actually a Halloween puppy costume draped over a three-headed cancer-ridden monster. The “fluffy pillow” is filled with broken glass and poisoned nails that will cut you to shreds. Musk uses FACADES to hide his dirty, criminally corrupt schemes.

Musk partners with people like David Plouffe. Plouffe delivers cash and power through the dirtiest anal crevasses of the political system.

Musk’s (now dead) SolarCity was a scam to exploit his poisonous exploding batteries and get free government cash. It had nothing to do with “saving the planet.” It was entirely about exploiting free government cash that he arranged with Obama in exchange for political campaigning. Tesla Motors is the same thing. All of the lawsuits against him from his ex-wives, ex-partners, ex-employees, ex -suppliers, ex-investors and the families of the dead victims of Tesla, clearly expose Musk as a fraud and an asshole!

Musk and his crony’s are who helped Obama turn the U.S. Department of Energy into a private slush-fund to pay back Obama’s campaign financiers. Musk and Plouffe came up with the scam: “...We can say it’s green and the voters will never ask questions as we suck the Treasury dry...”

The entire “Green”, “Cleantech” “Climate Tech” Solyndra and Cleantech Crash ruckus was scam dreamed up by these scumbags to funnel cash to Silicon Valley Billionaires. They need to be in federal prison and not on YouTube giving TED Talks.

Don’t be a sucker and a tool by buying into Musk’s BS.

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