CASE MEMO - Expanded Solyndra/Cleantech Case


Attn: Senior Staff – FBI, GAO, FTC, SS, USG, AG, IG, SE Comm, Congr, POTUS2-Elct, SFPD, NYPD, Opsec2,

Nov. 17, 2016

Action Item: Case Update Investigation Requests

Senior White House Executives and The President of the United States under the Obama Administration are well aware of this case. Some of them engaged in crimes and cover-ups in order to exploit the illicit assets of this case.

Senior executives at The Department of Transportation, The Department of Energy, The Securities and Exchange Commission and some Law Enforcement agencies received profits from the illicit assets of this case and operated stand-downs, reprisal efforts, and cover-ups of regulatory and law enforcement efforts for their own private ends.

Campaign financiers in a Cartel-based association operating in violation of Racketeering RICO laws exchanged cash, stock warrants, prostitutes, revolving doors, internet and media manipulation, and other goods, for government contracts, grants, stock pumps, and federal appointments. This Cartel operated Ener1, Abound, Solyndra, Ivanpah, Severstal, A123, Fisker, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Solar City, Abengoa, and other facade efforts which stood as fronts for the asset transfers. Key portions of the illicit asset transfers occurred as skims-off-the-top as the money was transferred from the U.S. Treasury to private accounts. Other key portions of the illicit asset transfers occurred as stock market pump-and-dump profiteering under a process that U.S. Treasury inspectors call: “Unjust Reward Graft by State and Federal Employees...”.

The Obama/DNC Administration controlled media outlets including: CNN, NBC/MSNBC ,The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times,Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, The New Yorker, Salon, Cracked, WIRED, Ars Technica, Vox, Gawker Media, The Verge, TechCrunch, All Disney Properties, Gizmodo, Univision, Kotaku, All Sony Properties, LifeHacker, Jezebel, All William Hearst properties, San Jose Mercury News, Deadspin, Jalopnik,, The Daily Dot, The Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, MediaMatters, Politico, PolitiFact, ValueWalk, New York Daily News, TIME, Newsweek, Snopes, Motley Fool, Think Progress and related publications. This media control accounted for 95% of U.S. Domestic media impressions at one time and allowed the suspects to avoid news circumspection and to put character assassination and doubt-creation hit jobs on adversaries.

Don’t worry, it’s green and it will save penguins”- PR was used as a smoke-screen to attempt to lull voters into the typical “...move along, nothing to see here” political play-book ploy.

After receiving more taxpayer cash hand-outs than any group in U.S. history, given to the smallest financially connected group, from the same federal administrators, while sabotaging only the competitors of that group, the facade companies all suddenly failed. This has never happened before in the history of America. The evidence points to only one conclusion: An organized crime activity was interdicted and the activity was definitely a felony-class criminal collusion effort.

Silicon Valley oligarchs were the primary instigators and beneficiaries of the scheme. Their leaders included Steve Westly, John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Steven and Alison Spinner, Elon Musk, Jared Cohen, Steven Rattner, Steven Jurvetson, and related parties.

They used intermediate operations which include In-Q-Tel, Media Matters, New America Foundation, Think Progress, Deloitte Consulting, CBRE, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey Consulting and lobbyists to operate their scheme.

Over 980 billion dollars, at a minimum, from the U.S. Treasury has been routed to the bank accounts of the suspects. Including losses from the Afghanistan War, which the suspects held a profiteering interest in, the calculated losses to U.S. taxpayers, to date, exceeds 6 trillion dollars.

Leaks from Jofi Joseph, Wikileaks, Guccifer, Panama Papers, HSBC Swiss Leaks and over 72 similar leaks have now confirmed these facts. Secret Service agents, who stood in the White House observing these actions, have reported their disgust at the corruption. FBI agents, who have investigated these incidents, have reported their disgust at the lack of authorized actions for this case. Over 80 members of the United States Congress have started to demand a Special Prosecutor for the investigation of this matter. Over 1000 witnesses have offered to testify if a credible Special Prosecutor is appointed.

A new Administration has now been elected. The will and the resources to prosecute this case are now in place.