California Democrats Busted for Rigging Elections – Along With 26 Other States

The Democrats are back at it. It looks like they taking the saying “if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin'” very seriously.

California Democrats were busted for rigging elections. But that’s not the only place, Democrats were caught rigging the system all across the country.

There is something called ballot harvesting. Jack Posobiec was nice enough to put a video on Twitter that shows how Democrats won California. This is some crazy stuff.

Does anyone think this is alright?

Per American Greatness:

Democrats are watching California very closely with hopes that these three new laws can be applied to exploit the election system.

More, from American Thinker:

Former President Barack Obama and two-time loser Hillary Clinton like to tear into anyone who questions the election process. Meanwhile, time and time again, we discover that there is plenty of election fraud.