Call Mainstream News Readers What They Are: “Propaganda Actors”!

A Bad Week for Journalism

Derek Hunter

(Above: Pictures of two fake news TV Actors who read propaganda on the media

Journalism hasn’t seen too many good weeks of late, but this past one was particularly bad.

The self-described “Fourth Estate,” long ago exposed as more of a Fifth Column, continued to churn out biased tripe for which it undoubtedly will receive many awards. There’s nothing to lose at this point, what with so little remaining of their shriveled credibility, so journalists cannonballed once again into the deep end of a pool without checking to see if there was any water in it.

CNN, always a leader in the clubhouse for embarrassment to the profession, led the way with its coverage of what the media dubbed a “sexist manifesto” at Google. It was as if no one at the network bothered to read it, yet they talked about it with authority as if they’d written it.

Normal human beings would feel ashamed by such actions, but normal human beings wouldn’t have found themselves in that situation…for days on end. Honestly, the memo is only 10 pages long; you’d think someone would have picked it up and at least skimmed it. CNN is a big company that, at least on paper, employs some people whose job it is to check facts.

But the narrative progressive activists set of an anti-woman screed in the tech world was too damn perfect to check. So standards, the few that remain, were discarded to feed that narrative.

The Google fiasco wasn’t CNN’s only step on a rake this week. To complete its Sideshow Bob routine the company fired the only conservative commentator it employed who is supportive of President Trump.

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Columnist Jeffrey Lord was fired for making a joke about the president of Media Matters, a fascistic organization masquerading as a charity whose mission is to purify the news business by purging it of anything outside of the progressive thought plantation. That the IRS hasn’t stripped this Gestapo of its tax-exempt status is as much a testament to that agency’s politicization as when the Obama White House sicced it on conservative groups.

CNN claimed Lord sent a “Nazi salute” via Twitter, which was so absurd even the liberal boss of Buzzfeed called out the network for it. That joke was a “bridge too far” for the network that regularly has on people who call the president a Nazi and make sex comments about female Trump supporters.

There’s a reason CNN is an afterthought in the ratings…

In its coverage of the firing, Politico ran a story with the title, “Right-wing media figures rally to ousted CNN analyst Lord.” Notice the “right-wing” in the title? How do you think Politico referred to über-leftist Media Matters?

It described it as “a liberal media watchdog group.” Josef Goebbels could be heard laughing from Hell.

Not to be outdone, the National Association of Black Journalists decided to try to top CNN. Falling just short, if only because of quantity, “journalists” attending their national conference threw a fit when presidential advisor Omarosa Manigaul was invited to participate.

You’d think journalists would be happy to have the opportunity to have a discussion with someone close to a president, but progressive activists are progressive activists first, last and always.

Some “professional journalists” backed out of the Omarosa panel; others, displaying the perverted attitude that considers doing well in school to be “acting white,” stood and turned their backs or walked out.

The ramifications of their biased and bigoted actions will be…nothing. OK, maybe some awards, but nothing negative.

But all the media stupidity wasn’t just anti-Trump or anti-conservative. One outlet decided to step outside the echo chamber and go full-blown stupid.

The Associated Press decided to offer up a story, not an opinion column, by its North Korea bureau chief wondering if Kim Jong-Un were launch a missile at Guam, should the United States try to shoot it down?

Who would think to ask that question? More than that, who would think to ask that question and then say to themselves, “The world must know!”? Someone who lives in a bubble where no diversity of thought exists…so journalists and probably someone at Google.

Journalism has been dead for a while now, and all we’re left with is its rotting carcass patting itself on the back, celebrating itself for its purity laws. These walking dead will clutch their pearls for a week over a Trump tweet of him tackling the CNN logo. Meanwhile, they will move on from the attempted assassination of congressional Republicans faster than Leonardo DiCaprio swaps Victoria Secret models.

It’s awful for the nation, but they’ll undoubtedly win many plaques and Lucite blocks with their names etched in them. Consider this an official warning for the Pulitzer Prize committee; it’s going to be another banner year.