Clinton Camp Promoted the DNC-Funded Steele Dossier During General Election in Press Release — Then Scrubbed It

 by Jim Hoft 65 Comments

The Hillary Campaign and DNC paid for the bogus Steel dossier during the election.

The document was a collection of bogus accusations on Donald Trump and his campaign fed to Fusion GPS by Russian operatives.

The DNC knew all about the dossier but hid this from the American public until October 2017 when it was published in the Washington Post.

Now there is evidence the Hillary Campaign promoted the bogus dossier during the election in a press release.

The press release has since been scrubbed from the internet.
Here’s a copy of the Hillary Campaign press release promoting the fake Russian dossier that was paid for by the DNC.

Via Big League Politics.

According to Big League Politics the press release was almost completely scrubbed from the Internet.

This bogus DNC dossier was then later used by the FBI, DOJ and State Department to spy on Donald Trump, his campaign, his family, his transition team and the Trump Administration.

They all need to be locked up.