Congress MUST make a law against Google and Facebook Purge: Here is The List Of Pages Deleted by Facebook

Soros-funded Media Matters virtually admits it’s behind Facebook’s purge of political pages

On Friday, the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America virtually admitted it was directing a purge of more than 800 Facebook pages and accounts. It noted that Facebook shut down a bunch of pages run by “fake news” outlets on Thursday. But then said the social media giant missed some. Would not be surprised to see those “missed” sites shut down soon.

Note that whereas Facebook claimed its decisions were “behavior violations,” not “content violations,” MMFA goes out of its way to identify the content. It says, “Facebook’s takedown removed a plethora of bad actors who have used networks of pages and groups to coordinate and amplify the spread of anti-immigrant and racist content. However, other similar far-right disinformation pages on the platform are still up.

According to MMFA, sites that discuss terrorism and the plague of illegal immigration are necessarily “anti-immigrant” and “racist.” That is their bias. Media Matters plants disinformation daily, and this is just more of it. If Facebook follows their recommendations, that will be prima facie evidence that this thing is rigged.

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Media Matters should be shut down. It is one of the most prolific purveyors of genuine fake news on the planet. Paid with multi-millions by Soros and other extreme leftists, Media Matters is a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party that polices the web and runs interference against anything embarrassing or revealing about the Left, or for that matter, pretty much anything with factual content. Because facts don’t play well for the Left.

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As reported by The Western Journal, in what many are calling the “Facebook purge,” Facebook announced on Thursday that it removed over 800 political pages and accounts in a clamp down on what the social media company calls “inauthentic behavior” in the lead-up to the midterm elections next month.

Facebook did not release the full list of pages impacted by this action. Upon being asked, Facebook refused to disclose the full list.

The following is a list of 185 pages that are currently unpublished on Facebook. Some of these have been confirmed by the owners as having been unpublished by Facebook as part of Thursday’s mass purge of pages, while others are currently unconfirmed as being part of the purge. However, all of these pages were still indexed by Google on October 12, 2018, which suggests they were recently active and thus removed recently.

This list of pages purged by Facebook contains nearly 60 million followers in total. Fan totals were recorded from the cache stored by Google.

To create this list, The Western Journal started with pages that had been confirmed as unpublished by Facebook, took the domains most often shared by those pages, and used Google search to find additional Facebook pages sharing those same domains. When new unpublished pages were found, the process was repeated until this list was generated.

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This list is not complete, as Facebook has publicly stated that they unpublished 559 pages during a large-scale enforcement action on October 11th, 2018. The Western Journal will be updating this article as new unpublished pages are discovered.

If you have been impacted by the Facebook purge or you believe that any of these pages are listed here in error, please use the “submit a correction” link below the article to contact The Western Journal.

The Western Journal has reached out to Facebook to confirm that these pages were part of the purge and will update this article when Facebook responds.

Update: Two more pages have been added after sent in by reader, totaling more than 2.2m additional fans. In addition, one duplicate was removed. The total number of pages and fans has been updated above.

For mobile: scroll table to see full list.

Name Facebook URL Number of Followers
Top Stories USA 215,710
Daily Vine 2,600,000
Best World Vines 2,100
Right Wing News 3,600,000
Liberty Belle 202,921
Military Grade Coffee 203,496
Silence is Consent 1,080,000
Silence is Consent Newsfeed 10,374
True Stories USA 12,428
The Trump White House 50,815
Molon Labe Industries 487,160
Trump Republic 1,000,000
Team President Donald J Trump 552,000
America Rising 373,011
Amanda Shea 333,000
Pew Republic 8,403
Rainforth’s Roughnecks 48,000

America’s Freedom Fighters 830,000
The Voice of Trump’s Deplorable 22,000
USA In Distress 260,346
Trump’s Deplorables 194,000
AFF Media 15,470
Infidels Against Islam ll 5,871
Extremely Pissed off RIGHT Wingers 2 592,000
Southern Rebel 370,000
The voice of the people 818,120
The Voice of America 165,083
Extremely Pissed off RIGHT Wingers 3 211,991
The voice of the people 700,645
President Donald J Trump Fans unknown
Eleventh-Hour Patriots 121,000
Dean James III% 622,000
Deporable Patriots 48,940
The Angry Conservative-Truth liberals Hate 75,489
Nation In Distress 3,212,905
unknown unknown
Conservative Prepping 77,126
The Infidel Brotherhood 6,200

Universal Free Press 189,000
Soldiers Of War 15,606
The Revolution 1,670,113
Dc Gazette 422,243
RedNeckish 78,271
Pissed Off Patriots 187,000
Patriot Newswire 222,000
American Freedom 68,000
X Tribune 98,172
Unofficial: President Trump 208,893
BIG STICK 24,000
Operation Jade Helm And Beyond 59,000
Soak It In 48,000
Blackwater Tribune 16,000
Uncle Rufus unknown
The Deplorable Party 46,682
Say NO to RINOS 48,000
Army Memes 26,501

The United States Of WTF 80,965 with Doug Giles 1,245,924
Clash Daily 109,924
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns 276,000
Outdoor Beasts 169,000
Unashamed Americans 32,000
We Are America 404,000
Red Hot Cha Cha 18,908
Eagle Rising 685,000
Overpasses For America 466,496
Overpasses For America: The Fight 13,810
Revive America 262,000
President Donald J. Trump MAGA Team 238,000
iPatriot 204,212
Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC 85,788
Obama Is Officially The Worst President In American History! 259,748
Powdered Wig Society 297,919
PS Republic 142,739
Allen West Republic 953,000
Joe the Plumber 905,393

Guardians Of Freedom 53,000

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children 2,198,430
The Deplorables 273,700
Americans Against Nancy Pelosi 15,955
The Unhinged Left 8,513
Donald Trump, The Political Movement 409,420
Coalition For Trump Superstore 218,326
BorderWars unknown
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Warrior Princess 2,646
Americans Against Maxine Waters 25,000
Trump News Report unknown
Americans Against Chuck Schumer 5,464
Americans Against Cory Booker 2,100
Defiant America unknown
Americans Against Oprah Winfrey unknown
Chelsea Clinton is Donkey from Shrek 6,800
USA Supreme unknown
Hillary Clinton Sucks 298,729
Smashing Leftist Liberals 39,000
Melania Trump, America’s First Lady unknown
Trey Gowdy, Liberals’ Worst Nightmare 99,222

unknown unknown

Repeal It Now 179,260
unknown unknown

unknown unknown
unknown unknown

American Journal 1,047,648
The Red Rock Tribune 400,754
This Page Is Being Censored Because We Support Trump unknown
The American Patriot 983,000
Liberty One 217,183
Taxation Is Theft 210,000
Hillary Clinton For Prison 2,383
The 2nd Amendment 160,000
Vets Before Illegals
Sweet Land of Liberty 237,000
Manly Men 156,101
Lady and The Patriot 10,000
Patriot Crier 168,100
The New Republic of Texas 837,000
Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot 115,000
Jermain Botsio Page 16,223
Guerilla Media Network News 224,000
Joe Biggs 28,000
The Evening Compass 215,000
The Contrarians 155,000
We The People 171,408
The Western Sentinel 159,456
Rogue Right TV 1,928
Freedom and the American Way 1,171,668
The Newly Press Public Group

Red Flag News 1,100 1,200

Rachel Blevins 69,000

The Free Thought 23,000
The Free Thought Project 3,100,000
Matt Agorist 5,485
Cop Logic 129,000

Police The Police 1,980,211
Police The Police NY 6,846
Anonymous News 264,000
Conspiracy Facts unknown
No Victim, No Crime 8,975
End the Drug War unknown

The Anti-Media 2,100,000
Gun Laws Don’t Work 8,641

Cop Block 1,721,193

The Liberty Principle: No Consent from the Governed 11,752

Policing the Police 54,000

Legalizing Cannabis 31,064

Get involved, you live here 356,434

Fuck the Government 168,945

Filming Cops 1,500,000

New School Raphael 1 13,000

Voluntaryist Veterans 614

End the War on Drugs 44,477

Unlimited Liberty 7,387

Fucked up Shit You Should Know About 4,400

You Won’t See This On TV 172,000

V is For Voluntary 151,000

Bay Area Police the Police 8,600

Modern slavery Hilarious Vines 130,000
Being Libertarian 149,064
Libertarian for President 2020 163,653

No Victim, No Crime 8,975

Skeptic Society 25,250

FB MASS Report

Punk Rock Libertarians 190,000

The Daily Liberator 88,000

Choice and Truth 2,901,962

TheAnonNews 105,135

DIY Revival 4,058

We The Individuals 39,940

Press For Truth 344,313

Anti-GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water 85,000

North Texas Cop Block 4,487

Black Markets Are Beautiful unknown

Political Junkie News Media 157,000

Free Your Mind Conference 75,550

Psychologic-Anarchist 52,395

Reverb Press 152,489
The Everlasting GOP Stoppers 157,000
America Against Donald Trump 234,398
Young Progressive Voices 17,717
We Miss Obama 21,000
Liberals Unite 254,000

Reasonable People Unite 332,608

The Resistance 316,429

Snowflakes 599,380

I Owe You Only Non-Aggression 12,000

MassReport unknown

Hostile Politics 236,000

I Did Not Vote For Donald Trump unknown

TOTAL 185 Pages 59,313,455

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