Counter-Measures For Mass Digital Political Election Manipulation


Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin, Uber, Alphabet, RT, The Russian FSB, The Korean Hack Team, The Agency, Gawker Media, Fusion GPS, Cambridge Analytica and 420 other organizations have one thing in common: They use psychological tricks to manipulate political election outcomes for the benefit of their oligarch owners.

The majority of U.S. mass digital manipulation companies work for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) interests because those companies use Silicon Valley technology assets.

Silicon Valley took advantage of it's monopoly ownership of networking routes and servers and combined this with epic crony payola deals starting with the Clinton Administration.

The Clinton Administration promised Silicon Valley's Schmidt, Musk, Page, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Perkins, Doerr, Westley, et al; exclusive tax waivers, beneficial laws, green energy contracts, free government grants and loans, preferred rights, revolving door careers and other kick-backs in exchange for putting DNC candidates in office using psychological tricks to manipulate political election outcomes for the benefit of their oligarch owners.

This obviously spun quickly out of control for the newbie Silicon Valley lobbyists.

Today we have a situation where Silicon Valley has created a cult-like devotion to digital election rigging that Silicon Valley is incapable of halting or reducing.

Once you have monopolistic control of all of the money on Earth, why would you stop?

Silicon Valley reaches over six billion people every minute. Do the math. If they can get just fifty cents from those billions of people every hour, the numbers soon become audacious.

Even on a bad day, Silicon Valley bosses receive enough money to be able to afford to fly in a different one of the most beautiful prostitutes from each country in the world each night. They receive enough money every day to fly to Aspen for breakfast and Paris for dinner on their private jets. They get enough money every day to bribe every Senator in California every week.

They live the most insane and extremist life-styles of the most outlandish Hollywood Daddy Warbucks incarnations you can imagine. Why would they stop? What possible motivation would they have but to go as far as they can just to see how much power they can amass?

They will lie, cheat and destroy documents to protect their schemes. They will issue a thousand "...oops, we got caught on that one...we will do better next time.." apologies but they will change nothing...EVER!

Google and it's many sneaky divisions spends more money in a day than most governments spend in a year. Google and Apple have more money than most States in America. They are private governments.

They will NEVER change. They will LIE at every Congressional and EU hearing they are summoned to. They are like crack heads lying to get their fix.

While we could provide you with millions of pages of psychological studies and CIA statistical reports, by now you should know what subliminal messaging is.

The fact is: NOTHING WILL STOP the use of psychological tricks to manipulate political election outcomes for the benefit of their oligarch owners except the bankruptcy and shut-down of those companies.

These companies are liars and manipulators. How can anyone expect an addicted manipulator to not manipulate.

Government hearings who buy into the false apologies and lies of Google and Facebook are as stupid as the voters who fall for their tricks.

Government agencies must shut-down Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin, Alphabet and those they exist to rig our government!

That is the only answer that can work!