DEAR ELON MUSK – For The Rest Of Recorded History The World Will Remember You As A Political Mobster And Sociopath Narcissist

Elon, we all know that you spent over a billion dollars on PR services, trolls, click-farms, shill bloggers, Twitter and Google shadow banning, Facebook fake “likes”, fake fanboys, Russian troll farms, political bribes and stock market pump-and-dumps.

The rest of the world (ie: the real world outside of the delusional “Silicon Valley”) knows that you are a self-absorbed asshole.

Your cars blow up, your rockets blow up, your batteries blow up, your marriages blow up, and you are a failure who spends billions of dollars on cover-ups to try to hide your BS.

We are here to tell you that every single PR hype tactic you try has, and will forever be uncovered and exposed.

Long after you are dead and gone, everyone will know the real scumbag that you are.

We guarantee it.

You must know, with absolute clarity, that you will be exposed and the history books will record that you, and your family, are manipulative delusion crooks who bribe politicians and steal from the public.

You are the largest government mooch in world history.

You are the biggest insider trading weasel in world history.

Your “success” has NOTHING to do with “innovation”. Nothing you have announced was not done previously, by someone else who did not have as big a PR army as you. You are the inventor of NOTHING.

You stole Tesla from the original inventors. You copied the Hyperloop from old government records. There is nothing in your cars that has not been done by many others long ago.

Your exist entirely off of Tech-Ponzi.

You and Larry Page can enjoy the hookers and rent boys for now but you had better start also tasting the bitter burn of the fires of history that will consume your brand.

You are delusional scum, Musk, Your partners, co-founders, wives, employees, investors, suppliers and others have said so, in writing, in their fraud and abuse lawsuits they filed against you. They put it in writing on public record.

In case people don’t want to bother looking up those lawsuits, we want to be clear:

You, Elon Musk, are a sociopath and an arrogant, vindictive, corrupt thief who bribed public officials, rigged the stock market and live in a bubble of deceit!