After decades of work with the government, alongside some of the most famous figures in public policy, we were invited by the U.S. Government to "help" a national project by investing years of our lives and millions of dollars into a program owned, controlled, operated and financed by the United States Government.

Unbeknownst to us, the entire program had been rigged, in advance, to covertly and exclusively pay off political campaign financiers. We were defrauded by our own government and used as a "front" to hide the true, and sinister, intentions of this slush-fund program. The FBI, The U.S. Congress, the insiders that worked on the program and over 100,000 news reports have confirmed these assertions. As one of our peers testified to Congress and the FBI:

"...We have yet to find any past reviewers of this case who were not hand-picked by our business adversaries who funded the political executives who handed out the government money. In other words, we would like the Court to provide any evidence that our case has been fairly reviewed in the past. My FBI-class associates have not found a single entity in our case reviews or determinations who was not either: financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital services to..."

We were asked to help America. We agreed to do so. Then we were raped by our own government.

We filed complaints and lawsuits with every agency involved and all we got were cover-ups, delays, obfuscation, stone-walling, Lois-Lerner'd missing hard drives, media hit-jobs and lies! 60 Minutes and numerous movies have documented the crimes.

This happens so often, apparently, that every agency has form letters that they use to respond to these complaints. We have a form letter from every major agency in the USA. Nearly all of them unsigned by any person you could reach out to. Most of them say to "tell the FBI". We did! We have been to their offices many times. Nothing that has helped us has come from it!

You know the names involved: Warren Buffet, Dianne Feinstein, Larry Page, Nancy Pelosi, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Vinod Khosla, Solyndra, Steven Chu, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Goldman Sachs, David Axelrod, Steve Rattner, John Podesta, James Comey, Tim Draper, Harry Reid, etc... each one financially, politically, personally, socially and communications connected to the other. All of them deeply documented by evidence and forensic data that investigators have revealed to prove their cartel of control was running the whole dirty payola and stock market manipulation scheme.

We have been set-upon in a Fusion GPS, Black Cube-ish series of attacks as political reprisal because we reported a crime as we were supposed to do. Some of those attacks were financed and sponsored by White House staff, FROM the Oval Office!

We have received no reward, no payment, no informant fees, no payment for our damages...nothing!

We lost our life savings, our benefits, our brands, our funding, and more, simply because we DID THE RIGHT THING!

You, as a voter, must decide if this will continue. You may be next!