I feel like democrats are kind of sore losers when it comes to politics. Hillary Clinton hasn’t stopped complaining about her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, blaming everyone but herself for her poorly run campaign. Hell, the left is still bitching about the 2000 presidential election, claiming Bush stole it from Gore. A democrat in Georgia took things a little further by murdering her campaign aide after an unsuccessful run for Congress. I’m actually shocked Hillary hasn’t done the same thing.

Kellie Lynn Collins is a democrat who was running for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. She however didn’t even make it to the democratic primary earlier this year as she withdrew from the race for “personal reasons.” I’m not sure if those personal reasons were that she is a homicidal maniac or if this is merely a coincidence.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that Collins was arrested on Tuesday and charged with murder and grand larceny. That’s already a pretty big story you probably didn’t hear about before today, but it gets even more interesting.

The person Collins is accused of killing is Curt Cain, who was the treasurer on her failed campaign. Apparently Collins shot Cain on Saturday and left him to die. The Coroner’s report put’s the cause of death as bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Collins then stole Cain’s car which is where the grand larceny charge comes from.

The story actually gets weirder. According to one report, Cain was married:

Cain’s vehicle, a blue Subaru Legacy, and his wife were missing, but law enforcement was able to locate her out of the state…

But then The State reports:

Curt Cain, the man that Kellie Lynn Collins is charged with shooting to death, worked on her failed congressional campaign in Georgia…

He also might have been her husband, according to Captain Eric Abdullah.

“It is a possibility that he was married to her,” Abdullah told The State Thursday, saying that is being investigated, but confirming Collins lived with Cain in his Aiken apartment — where his body was discovered.

So wait, Collins was living with Cain while his wife was in another state? And maybe Cain had 2 wives? I think it’s weird that the police don’t know who this guy was married to as those are some pretty accessible records.

In any case, this Collins woman seems like Hillary Clinton’s hero. Not only did she blow away a staffer from her failed political campaign, she took out her two-timing pervert husband. I bet you this is a scenario that plays out in Hillary Clinton’s diary on a weekly basis. Hey, Hillary probably had Vince Foster killed for less. Maybe she should use the same hit man to settle her other scores. He seems good at making things look like a suicide.

I’m pretty sure if Collins had been a Republican the liberal media would cover this story with some urgency, or at all. I don’t think Collins will walk on these charges, but at least as a democrat she won’t get crucified in the liberal media.

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