[–] fr33europe 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

Look at her. How far have we fallen as a society where some withered old woman with face paint is a SENATOR.

Look at her. She's just some old lady. How can anyone take her seriously?

[–] calm-forest 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

If only she was just a withered old woman.

Instead we have this literal kike scarecrow and a jew goblin on the SC. Hopefully they both choke to death on foreskins the next time a sacrifice is made to the volcano demon.

[–] ThoseFeels 0 points (+0|-0)  ago  (edited  ago)

'Look at her. Shes just some old lady' hahahahahha

[–] obvious_throwaway1 [S] 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I believe the appropriate response is drone-controlled wetworks.

[–] carlip 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

[–] LilBrattyMkr 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Love seeing her face now compared to this. Little jew thought she had us by the balls. Little did she know...

[–] My_Name_is_Not_Sure 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Nelson Laugh

[–] httbmc 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

WOW! Suddenly, the overwhelming feeling of suicidal thoughts rushing through every vein like a locomotive... knowing who Now Controls the NSA and everything IN IT!

[–] ArthurPhilipDent 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

There is an inner dialogue going on there which looks very uncomfortable.

[–] caesarfecit 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

That is the look of someone who knows they're drawing dead, and there's nothing they can do about it. She's having trouble holding her head up because she's knows their odds of winning are hitting the floor, and the odds of blowback are rising fast.

[–] HighEnergyLife 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

The jig is up

[–] An0m4ly 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Guaranteed she was thinking about No Name's fate (and hers.)

[–] Gumbatron 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Is there an opposite of Dupers Delight?

[–] CowWithBeef 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

What could be in the report to bring her to tears? They look like genuine tears.

[–] ThreeFourSevenOne 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Probably just realising she's been defeated. Kavanaugh will be confirmed and she can't stop it.

[–] obvious_throwaway1 [S] 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I don't even care, because every single possibility I can imagine is a good one for the US citizens purely by way of being something to upset a Globalist/NWO puppet this badly.

[–] Durm 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Whatever she's thinking actually, she's not happy. She was wrong or betrayed or upset the report doesn't cover what she wanted.

The ultimate consequence of acting like a raging bitch is this ending, if fury is all you have. You end up in a heap because you are acting on desperation with nothing functional behind it.

In the real world you need your shit together if you want to move something, no matter how emotional you are.

[–] kevf4 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

The face of a monster

[–] DirectPressure 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

[–] SuzanneAnon 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

I would add this addendum to my prior post: IF SHE WAS SHEDDING SOME TEARS, in light of what I said about many of these peole being KEY PLAYERS in 'EPSTEIN ISLAND' participants, adrenochrome drinkers, etc. - is it not amazing that LOSS OF POWER IS THE ONLY THING THEY CRY ABOUT? They NEVER CARE when their child victims are screaming quite literally to death. But for THIS they will 'cry'. Sick.

[–] Landwhaleonline 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Still talking about this..... holy shit

[–] obvious_throwaway1 [S] 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

"Still talking" about something that happened within the past 3 hours?

JIDF identified!

[–] Landwhaleonline 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

You are watching / listening to their networks, and calling me a JIDF. TOP KEK right here

[–] Landwhaleonline 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

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I wonder if she will choose the doorknob option or the one way trip to Gitmo option. Welcome to the Price is Right!

[–] SuzanneAnon 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

It is curious studying her face. The INITIAL 'reactive' tendency is to 'feel sorry' for her. However, we MUST NEVER FORGET that these very people have engaged in every atrocity against children, for sexual gratification, for SICK 'pleasure', and for unjust enrichment. While we can presently only speculate WHICH OF THEM shall be SPECIFICALLY NAMED among such devils, I think I'll hold any sympathy pending such pronouncement!

[–] obvious_throwaway1 [S] 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Here is some additional fuel for this political dumpster fire:


[–] AlphaOmega 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

They lost the battle. Time will tell on the war. They've now invigorated the least intelligent rabble to take to the streets if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

[–] obvious_throwaway1 [S] 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Works for me, the sooner the seditious motherfuckers declare actual war, the faster the rest of us who are armed and ready to deliver swift summary judgement to traitors will be allowed to defend ourselves in earnest.

[–] Sharkballs 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

(((Jewing))) intensifies

[–] DirectPressure 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

Lovely. Just lovely.

[–] Wargasm 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

This is the face of defeat.

[–] Tubesbestnoob 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

The song. So perfect.

I want another but with "Another one bites the dust" filming her watching 10,000 kikes in a stadium setting a world record for largest number at one time and place getting gassed.

[–] LetFreedomRingUSA 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 


[–] KosherHiveKicker 0 points (+0|-0)  ago 

TY for this @obvious_throwaway1 !

I can't wait for this TREASONOUS, Kunty-Kike to reap what she has intentionally sown politically, and personally.