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Victim of a Rip-Off? by an Auto dealer, Auto repair, home builder, retail store, or any type of business.

Get Rip-off Revenge™ and your money back too!


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How to get RipOff Revenge...
  1. File a detailed Rip-off Report™ with the BAD Business Bureau's website at: http://www.ripoffreport.com/
    include what you are owed at then end of your Report.

  2. Order your copy of Rip-Off Report.com Do-It-Yourself Guide: How to get Rip-off Revenge™ ..and your money back too!

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I have created the Rip-Off Revenge TM as a way to empower people with honest grievances to take action on them.

In our society today, lawyers, & businesspeople are often more concerned about what they can get away with than what is fair. Misuse of power like that upsets me! They say it's all "business". They take away the personal values of honesty and integrity and show no mercy except maybe some token political correctness. It's time for people who have been taken advantage of to get honest attention!

See what others are saying about the Rip-off Revenge™ Techniques

"We used the Do-It-Yourself Guide and… in just 17 minutes we got a check… plus 15%. We got Rip-off Revenge™ and our money back too!"
-Jason and Rob
Glendale, Arizona

"I was extremely discouraged after being taken by a fraudulent financial entity. What's worse is that I was so embarrassed that I would not have taken action even if I knew how to. Luckily, I read the preview edition of Rip-off Revenge™ guide. Not only did the book help me to realize that I had nothing to be ashamed of, it allowed me to obtain full retribution. Without the Revenge Guide, I would have been lost. Thank you Rip-off Report for taking the time to construct such a wonderful book!"
-S. Sarri
Long Island, New York

"I fell for one of the credit card scams. I didn't think I would ever get my money back. After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to communicate with the company I was ready to give up. I found your site, read all the reports and filed my Rip-off Report along with all the others. Then I followed your suggestions in your Rip-off Revenge™ Guide and it worked! My money was returned."
-George M

Detroit, Michgan

4 easy steps .. However…
most businesses give in by step 2

"I bought your Do-It-Yourself Guide. I’ll have to admit the thought of paying for a book to help me get what I felt I was already owed to me sounded like a rip-off. I was without a vehicle because I paid for repairs to my car that was never done. The garage manager kept insisting they replaced everything they charged me for. Being without a car gave me the determination I needed to start the steps in the guide book. I followed your instructions and can't believe what satisfaction it gave me! I was almost disappointed when the garage manager agreed to repair my car again and was refunding the money I already paid. I think consumers let so many things “slide by” because we are unsure of what to do. I never could have done it without your step by step instructions. I was able to get what was rightfully mine all legally without the expense of an attorney. It sure worked for me! Thank you very much"
Kansas City, Missouri

"Not only did your site help us expose a great story in our local paper, but, your Do-it-your self guide actually saved me from losing thousands on home repairs that I knew were not my responsibility. Proof consumers like me can fight back and win."
-Andrew S.

San Jose, California

"As an attorney, my experience has been that the justice system is usually the best way to right a wrong. Unfortunately, the process can be too expensive and time consuming to address some situations. Recently, I found myself in such a situation so I turned to the Rip-off Revenge™ Guide. Using the step by step process in the guide, I was able to resolve a dispute with a building contractor that I had not been able to resolve with threats of administrative and legal action. The Rip-off Revenge™ Guide really works."
- Maria

Phoenix, Arizona

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Paypal accepts both Credit Cards and Debit Cards..

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Rip-off Report Do-It-Yourself Guide to Rip-off Revenge™ and your money back too… provides you with the tools you need to successfully and quickly resolve most consumer complaints.


This Do-It-Yourself Guide: How to get Rip-off Revenge™ ..and your money back too in most cases, is a detailed guide with 4 simple step by step instructions explained in detail with illustrations, photos and examples that will show you how to: Get Rip-off Revenge™ and Your money back too… and even more sometimes!


  • How to Recoup from Credit Card Scams
  • Repairs YOU Can Make to Your Credit Report
  • Postal Scams to Avoid
  • What the Small Print Says on Credit Card Statements
  • Tips for Collecting on Court Judgements
  • Planning on Moving? Read this before you move!

       includes shipping and handling


    Do-it-Yourself Guide:
    How to get Rip-off Revenge ™

    and your money back too..

    Rip-off Revenge™ Do-it-yourself guide is $21.95 including Priority Shipping anywhere in the United States, $31.95 for Canada, and $41.95 for all other countries.
    All orders are shipped to
    arrive within 5 days
    or less from receipt of orders.

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  • Paypal accepts both Credit Cards and Debit Cards..

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    Pay by Mail

    You may also pay by check or money order to:
    Rip-off Revenge™
    PO Box 310
    Tempe, Arizona 85280

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