The Biggest DNC Hack In History Is All About Sex and Tax Evasion

By Roger Glean

Huffington Post and Town Hall investigators have uncovered the fact that EVERY email for the last decade, of EVERY DNC Hollywood and Silicon Valley financier, EVERY DNC Congress person and EVERY DNC/Lefty reporter and newscaster has been hacked by some large and heavily resourced "entity".

That's not the best part; (In a post-Snowden world, one would assume this might happen) the large entity scanned and searched every email for the appearance of the words: "sex", "dinner", "consensual", "rape", "", "pressured", "felt dirty", "you are so hot", "fool around", "Caymans", "tax liability" and thousands of other juicy terms. The people doing this may have used a software program in the Linux operating system called Evolution. This software has an extensive email import and search function.

After that it was just a matter of contacting every woman, or young man that the newscaster, movie mogul or technology oligarch abused or that they discussed tax cheats with.

This method apparently also yielded quite a number of escort services in use by very married famous men.

This could explain the historically large number of sudden sex scandals and the willingness of big media companies to rather instantly fire people. The evidence presented must have been compelling correspondence.

Many reporters are trying to guess who it might be that put this epic dirty trick together. Guesses range from: The Russians (of course) to Peter Thiel to a new version of the CIA to the GOP to the Mercer Group to Chicka Fila to Fusion GPS to Stratfor to Korea.

You can bet that over one thousand sex scandals are still to come.

Get ready for the juicy bits if this is what is really going on.