Don't hire goons. Don't cheat if you can't compete with us!

"Every single person, company or organization, without fail, that has paid for, or accepted compensation for operating, a political or anti-trust violating media attack against us has, ironically, either: 1.) gone bankrupt, 2.) been placed under federal investigation for every single illicit act they engage in anywhere on the globe, 3.) lost billions of dollars of stock market value, 4.) been sued, or enjoyed some combination of those effects. Our FBI-class private investigators keep a running list of the hired goons and those who hire the goons...and they are very, very good at what they do. While it helps to have friends who are federal spies and super-cops, it is actually very easy to terminate a corrupt entity that operates under illicit standards..."

If you are a pissed off tech oligarch that can't stand the fact that you got exposed for stealing our technology, bribing Senators and rigging elections: TOUGH SHIT!