Elon Musk Admits He Attended Sex Party, But That "No Sex Happened While He Was There" and nobody believes him

Tech magnate Elon Musk reportedly admits in an upcoming book that he once attended a somewhat well-known Silicon Valley “sex party,” but never engaged in any of the activities.

Rather, he merely conversed with investors and entrepreneurs about technology and potential endeavors, according to his own and others’ accounts.

“Elon was at the party for a couple hours and left around 1am after talking with several DFJ-funded entrepreneurs about technology and building companies,” a representative for Musk told Business Insider. “His impression was that it was a corporate party with a costume theme, not a ‘sex party’, and there was no indication that it would become one after he left.”

Another attendee of the party, entrepreneur Paul Biggar, corroborated Musk’s contentions, saying that he “didn’t see any sex or drugs.”

“I went home at 12:30am, and I guess sex parties don’t really kick off until the boring fuckers go home,” Biggar wrote in a blog post. “I didn’t exactly know it was a sex party, and I got bored at some point and went home.”

It’s not quite clear how common such types of parties are in the California region that contributes immensely to the American economy, but they are supposedly pretty exclusive. (RELATED: Musk, 115 Tech Leader Urge UN To Ban Killer Robots)

“If you do participate in these sex parties, don’t ever think about starting a company or having someone invest in you,” an anonymous female entrepreneur told the author of the forthcoming book, Brotopia,” according to Business Insider. “Those doors get shut. But if you don’t participate, you’re shut out. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”