In October 2017, paperwork for Pravda Corp. was filed with the Secretary of State of California, along with the certification from the Secretary of State of Delaware stating it was duly incorporated and has a legal corporate existence. (Documents embedded directly below)

Pravda Corp uploaded by Susan Duclos on Scribd

Towards the bottom of the document on page one above, you will note the signature of Jared Birchall, officer title listed as President. Birchall is listed as CFO, director and/or president of other Musk-funded companies, such as Neuralink and The Boring Company.

Considering the amount of hostility between the media and Musk, there is a good chance that he deliberately trolled them, knowing their knee-jerk response would offer his upcoming venture a ton of free advertising.

In subsequent responses to other users, Musk did express his surprise at the "level of contempt" responses from journalists showed towards their audience, stating "But after suggesting public critique, I was stunned to see the level of contempt many in media have for their readers. This is way worse than I thought."

Those of that have been documenting the Mockingbird Media's increasing amount of "fake news," and misleading reports over the past two years, are not surprised in the least.


While the majority of the media reports on Musk's announcement have been critical, or just straight out attacks on Musk himself, Bloomberg op-ed writer Leonid Bershidsky takes the opposite stance, in an article titled "Musk Should Go Ahead and Build ‘Pravda’," where he states "Journalists shouldn’t fear a system that would add an extra input to how their work is evaluated."

He is correct. The fact that they do fear that additional input, as evidenced by the level of vitriol they have spewed over the mere thought of it, shows that they understand exactly how little they are trusted by the public and are terrified of the idea of having a website that provides an ongoing credibility ranking by their own readers.

Well give Musk the last word here. Two days after his initial criticisms against the media and his announcement, he told his followers that Pravda.com wasn't available, then followed up with "Problem solved, was able to buy Pravduh.com ! Game on …"