Here is a small sample of the evidence proving the charges. We warrant, certify and guarantee that, with equitable legal representation, we can prove all of our charges in a Grand Jury, A civil Jury Trial and a television broadcast live Congressional hearing. This is a public peer-to-peer, mesh network, free wiki operated by a Task Force of citizens, journalists, forensic investigators and law enforcement specialists. You can read and explore the evidence samples by clicking on each link following these categorical explanations for the folders:

SILICON VALLEY MEDIA COLLUSION INFO RIGGING - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that a group of media company owners in the Tech Cartel coordinate news stories and news censorship in order to manipulate their crony capitalism plots. This includes only hiring certain types of extremists, having their HR departments run "echo-chambers", keeping employees in a glass bubble, new age biased mind-training, subliminal messaging campaigns and coordinated catch phrases.

DEPT OF ENERGY IS THE DNC SLUSH FUND - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that the U.S. Dept. of Energy is used as a slush-fund and Dark Money-compensated stock market scam by the Obama Administration and their Silicon Valley Tech Cartel financiers. CA & NY Senators and AG's ran the high level parts of this criminal kick back Dark Money scheme.

SILICON VALLEY AND HOLLYWOOD SEX CULTS AND ABUSE - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that  Silicon Valley Tech Cartel VC's and PayPal Mafia oligarchs are raised to be sociopaths and exhibit lawless, deranged social actions like rape, sex abuse, misogyny, tax evasion, racism, bribery, embezzlement and other illicit deviance. Their vast sex abuses and sex clubs prove their moral failures and that they seek not pleasure but "control over others" in their horrific sexual crimes.    

HOW YOU CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION - This folder provides the latest info on technologies and tactics you can use to expose the corrupt and shut them down!

THE DNC HIT JOB MEDIA ASSASSINS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that the suspects are spending vast amounts of money and resources on Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Gawker/Gizmodo hit jobs and spying. These are not just people who disagree with Trump. The Tech Cartel is actively meeting and coordinating attacks about, and spending tens of millions of dollars on, espionage activities, riots and character assassinations in order to keep their payola schemes going. Government officials financed and managed political, economic and character assassination attacks on domestic taxpaying citizens, using taxpayer resources and hit-job contractors.

RUSSIANS RUSSIANS RUSSIANS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that it was originally Silicon Valley DNC Tech Cartel executives and venture capitalists who set up the first relationships with Russian mobsters.

PRIVACY AND SPYING ABUSE ONLINE - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that The Silicon Valley Cartel lie about their censorship and privacy rape of the public while, in fact, spying on the public for election manipulation using CIA-type tactics. Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube conspire to coordinate political, business and stock market censorship and attacks on their enemies.

DATING AND ONLINE SOCIAL MANIPULATION - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that the Tech Cartel including Chelsea Clinton's, OKCupid and IAC properties and Reid Hoffman's matching sites are actually DNC honey-trap operations, political spying database population tools and mood manipulation efforts to exploit sensitive love-seekers for their vulnerable status.

WHY GOOGLE IS A SICK CORRUPT MONOPOLY - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that Google/YouTube/Alphabet owners and executives planned and manually coordinated election manipulations, privacy abuse, search engine rigged attacks on individuals, and militaristic information-rigging that harms the public and exceeds anti-trust violations more profoundly than almost any other company in history. The reason that Google employees comprised such a large portion of the Obama White House is so Google and the Tech Cartel could seek to implement this crony capitalism crime.

THE CORRUPT LAWYER, CPA, iBANK, LOBBYIST GANGS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that the majority of the funds transfers for these Tech Cartel crimes came through Dark Money accounts, covert family trusts, shell corporations, revolving door contracts and insider trading scams operated by these tier 2 services contractors.

THE IDENTITIES OF THE CORRUPT DEEP STATE CROOKS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that  a Mafia-like Silicon Valley Tech Cartel exists and is comprised of, and operated by, a pack of elitist fraternity house men and famous politicians.

IMMIGRANTS PAY FOR THE NANCY PELOSI MANSIONS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that Nancy Pelosi, her family and staff are both operators and beneficiaries of these crimes.

POLITICAL DEATHS AND POISONINGS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that a large number of connected individuals who crossed the Silicon Tech Cartel Cosa Nostra are now dead under mysterious circumstances. CA, NY & DC public officials and FBI executives have covered up these deaths and slowed investigations because they have financial links to the DNC financiers suspected of causing these murders. Seth Rich is only one of thousands of bizarre deaths of Tech Cartel whistle-blowers.

THE SANDHILL ROAD SILICON VALLEY VC SOCIOPATHS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that The Silicon Valley Mafia (AKA: "The Tech Cartel", "The PayPal Mafia". "The AngelGate Conspirators", etc.) is The Sandhill Road Venture Capital frat boy company bosses in Palo Alto, their National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) partners and the tech companies (Google, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) they control. They are sometimes referred to as "The Deep State". They have purchased California, New York and Washington, DC politicians (mostly Senators) who they also control. They hire rogue ex-intelligence agents to operate Fusion GPS, Gawker/Gizmodo, Black Cube, ShareBlue, New America, In-Q-Tel, Podesta Group, Media Matters, etc. massive media attack programs against competitors, reporters and outsiders. They collude on black-lists, valuation controls, election manipulation, search engine rigging, domestic spying for political manipulation, stock rigging, insider trading, revolving door payola, executive prostitute clubs, trophy wife assignments, the bribery of politicians and worse. They are felons who pay politicians to halt investigations and interdiction efforts. They are widely covered in news media articles as: 'sex abusers, cult enthusiasts, elitists, rapists, woman beaters, probiosis abusers, sexual work extortion operators, extremists, arrogant clones of each other, tone deaf, echo-chamber reinforcing, misogynist, racist, manipulative, insecure, covertly gay, corrupt, thieves' and other anti-social revelations. They are not limited to California and also operate out of New York and Washington DC. They use their monopolistic control of the internet to massively and exclusively scale services that only they control and use to abuse the public's privacy, human rights, invention rights and information. They run their cartel like the old Italian Mafia once did.

SILICON VALLEY MANIPULATES ELECTIONS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that the "The Deep State" that runs all of these tens of millions of dollars of political attacks and media manipulations is focused on rigging elections. These people have a 'Dark Money' bribery program underway in which they use fake charity organizations to conduit bribes and rigged government contracts back and forth to themselves via control of elected officials.

THE FEINSTEIN CORRUPTION AND PAYOLA - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that Dianne Feinstein, her family and staff are both operators and beneficiaries of these crimes.

AAAA CASE OVERVIEWS - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that crooked insiders from political circles participated in the crime. It cost taxpayers over six trillion dollars in losses. The most notorious Senators in the country are trying to keep it covered up. The main part of the scam is called 'Dark Money Trickle Laundering'. It works via corrupt Senators, criminally illicit law firms, dirty lobbyists, fake charities, sociopath tech billionaires, mobster CPA's and covert dynastic family trust funds. The taxpayers of the USA are the helpless victims of this crime and the SEC, FEC, DOJ, DOE, and other agencies, refuse to help them because the agency bosses get paid by the crooks! America was created as a 'one person = one vote' nation but 320 elitist billionaires bribed their way to get 500,000+ votes for each one of themselves! In other words: you get one vote but they use criminally illicit schemes to steal millions of votes for a few hundred corrupt guys.

THE ELON MUSK TESLA BRIBES AND CORRUPTION - This folder provides a small sample of the proof that Elon Musk and Tesla Motors exist today because of their covert political organized crime activities, political bribes, DNC Dark Money financing and regulator payola.